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Classic Jackson Hole Hikes

There are many amazing hikes in Jackson Hole. Here are a few of our favorites in Teton Village off the Tram or Gondola, and in Grand Teton National Park.
For more information, call the Activity Center. 307.739.2654. 
Please see the summer trail map below for more trail info.  


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The Aerial Tram offers a unique hiking experience unlike any other in the Jackson Hole area.  Ascending 4,139' in just 12 minutes, the tram leaves hikers at 10,450' among the high peaks of the Southern Tetons.  From here you are free to access a vast trail network connecting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and Grand Teton National Park - all while avoiding the 4,000+ foot climb to the top. Enjoy your time at the top for photos and hiking, and catch the tram back down, they come every 15 minutes during operating hours. 

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Take a late afternoon hike and reward yourself with a refreshing drink on The Deck. Trek down the Cirque Trail from the top of the Tram until you reach the Gondola summit. The Deck offers a high-altitude outdoor patio with a bar and outdoor grill menu. Depending on what hike you are looking for, feel free to go from the Gondola to the Tram, which also serves 'cold ones' and world famous waffles! Gondola is open from 9am-9pm every day, June 18 – September 4, 2017.

Distance/Time: Approx. 3 miles/1-2 hours
Difficulty Rating: Moderate

This loop trail descends about 1,000 vertical feet past Cody Bowl into a lush mountain meadow abundant in wildflowers. Moose, deer, marmots and pikas may show their faces to those traveling this trail as it passes through small snow fields, talus slopes, meadows and woodland. Hike this loop to experience the different environments that exist in the mountain region.

Distance/Time: Approx. 4.3 miles roundtrip/2-4 hours
Difficulty Rating: Strenuous. Trail is a combination of a mountain service road and single-track.

This trail follows the Cody Bowl/Rock Springs Loop Trail. The overlook is a bit closer than Cody Bowl and is a common destination for those hikers looking for a shorter hike that leaves the summit of the mountain. The overlook affords views of the valley and the alpine meadow of Rock Springs. Great picnic spot!

Distance/Time: Approx 2.0 miles; allow 1.5-2 hours
Difficulty Rating: Moderate

This hike is a side hike off the Rock Springs Loop Trail. It can be added to part of the loop, or used as a hike all its own. This trail takes you to a rock ledge where you can view the valley below. This is a favorite spot for marmots so be on the lookout. Be sure to follow the Rock Springs Loop signs until you meet the Green River overlook junction.

Distance/Time: Approx 3.5 miles; allow 2-3 hours
Difficulty Rating: Moderate

Experience spectacular views of the Teton Range and Jackson Hole as you hike along the Rendezvous Mountain ridgeline at 10,450 feet. Beautiful alpine wildflowers blanket the landscapes with bright colors as you wander through this sub-alpine environment.

Distance/Time: Approx. 0.3 miles roundtrip/45 min.
Difficulty Rating: Easy/Moderate

This trail takes you down to the entrance to Corbet’s Couloir. The couloir is a narrow passageway through the rock that challenges skiers and snowboarders alike during the winter. This is a short hike, but more steep than Top of the World. Beautiful wildflowers bloom along this trail during peak months. It offers great views of the valley.

Distance/Time: Approximately 0.5 miles; allow 30 minutes
Difficulty Rating: Moderate

This hike descends about 800 vertical feet into a boulder filled bowl at the bottom of the predominant Cody Peak. This is the first peak you see directly to the south of the tram. Cody bowl is often the last place snow persists in the summer. This hike gives you the opportunity to see even more wildflowers and the possible pika. This hike is recommended for those hikers looking for a longer hike, but not an overly strenuous hike.

Distance/Time: Approx: 3.0 miles; allow 2-2.5 hours
Difficulty Rating: Moderate


One of the most popular trails in Teton Village, this new hike runs from the base of JHMR to the top of the Bridger Gondola. It runs through the heart of the mountain and has plenty of opportunities for spectacular views as well as wildlife sightings. Due to an increased animal presence, we recommend bear spray or actively making loud noises. The single track portion connects with the summit trail near Casper continuing on the top of the Bridger Gondola.

Distance/Time: Approx 5 miles one way; allow 3-4 hours.
Difficulty Rating: Moderate to advanced

A beautiful jaunt from the top of the Bridger Gondola to the top of the Aerial Tram or vice versa, this trail is full of wildflowers, scenic rock formations and stellar views of the Tram in action. One of the most quiet single track trails on the mountain, reward yourself with a beverage at either location as a 'pat on the back' for a job well done.

Distance/Time: Approx. 2.5 miles one way; allow 1-2 hours.
Difficulty Rating: Moderate to advanced

Enjoy a walk out to the Casper Ridge Loop above the Bridger Gondola. A great place to escape and spend an afternoon reflecting or a quick way to get the blood pumping before sitting down for an afternoon of beverages and tasty treats atop to the Bridger Gondola. Views into Grand Teton National Park, Granite Canyon, and a look high above 'The Crags' and 'Casper Bowl' highlight this loop.

Distance/Time: 1.5 miles round trip; allow 2 hours
Difficulty: advanced as this trail does tackle a lot of vertical feet.

*NOTE: Please be aware of undetonated explosives from winter avalanche hazard reduction work on these trails. If you come in contact with a 'D.U.D.' please follow this emergency protocol.


Follow this trail from the base of Teewinot Chairlift or from the top of the chair to the North, to find yourself immediately amongst the beauty that is Jackson Hole. A nice singletrack trail runs through pines, aspens, and brush creating a beautiful natural landscape settled amongst the Tetons.

Distance/Time: Approx. 1.5 miles roundtrip; allow 1 hour
Difficulty: Moderate

A hybrid bike trail and hiking trail, Seven Bridges runs from the top of the Teewinot chairlift to the South until it connects to the Wildflower Trail. It runs along a creek bed filled with rocks and over top of bridges, hence the name 'Seven Bridges'. Be careful of bikers as they are also permitted to use this trail.

The Lower Faces loop runs from the Wildflower Trail to the South and eventually wraps around connecting back to the base of Teton Village. It is a mellow trail that is vast in wildflowers and occasionally wildlife. It is great for trail running as there is not much elevation gain.

Distance/Time: Approx 2.2 miles; allow 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Cruising past the Southern most point of the Lower Faces loop to the South, you will find the Yurt Trail. It begins an ascent into the Rock Springs basin, where our backcountry yurt is located. A great place to find wildlife and in the case of the Yurt, a great place to spend an evening in the wilderness.


Private Hiking Guides

Here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort our private hiking guides offer the ultimate custom hiking experience within the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the boundaries of JHMR. Our professional guides will tailor your hiking experience to the goals and desires of your group. Whether that's getting up and down or learning more about nature and the surroundings, our guides can take care of you and your group.

Participants Price

6 hours


3 hours


All private hiking guide pricing is for 1-5 people. Tram ticket not included. 48 hour notice for reservations required.

Call 307.739.2654 for more information and to make a reservation.


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort shares a boundary with Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) and we encourage all our guests to experience this incredible natural environment. Park your car, strap on your pack and head out on out trails into the heart of GTNP.

We strongly encourage you to have a detailed trail guide book and topographical map if planning on heading into GTNP.

Teton Crest Trail
A must-do hike for any backpacker, the Teton Crest Trail starts at Teton Pass and follows the ridgelines through Teton Village, all the way to Mt. Moran at the north end of GTNP. Jump start your Teton Crest Trail experience with a ride on the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, avoiding the initial 4,139’ uphill hike, to meet the trail at the top of Rendezvous Mountain. The trail follows the high crest though wildflower meadows, around glacial lakes and offers panoramic views. Backpackers can end their adventure at a number of different locations depending on the desired length of the trip. This is a true wilderness adventure and an experience of a lifetime. However, it requires extensive backcountry experience, endurance and skills. If you are not up for a multi-day hike*, check out Marion Lake and Granite Canyon for day hike options in GTNP.

Marion Lake
This hike starts at the summit of Rendezvous Mountain and makes its way up through alpine and sub-alpine terrain to Marion Lake in GTNP. This is a great overnight in the backcountry*. 12.5 miles round-trip, 7 hours, 4,250’ total vertical rise.

Granite Canyon
From the top of the tram, take this strenuous hike down into Granite Canyon’s alpine forest in GTNP, ending at the Teton Village base area, or hike from bottom to top for an uphill challenge. 11 miles one way, 7 hours, 4,100’ total vertical rise/descent. Shuttles can be arranged from Teton Village to the Granite Canyon trailhead to avoid the Valley Trail hike to Teton Village.

Valley Trail
The most moderate of them all, the Valley Trail originates in the Teton Village base area and traverses along relatively flat terrain to Phelps Lake adjacent to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve in GTNP. The trail winds through alpine forests that are home to local wildlife such as bears, moose, marmots and miles and provide great views of the valley. The hike ends at the shores of Phelps Lake and provides an ideal spot for picnicking and swimming. 5.1 miles one way, 2-3 hours, minimal vertical rise. Shuttle a car to your destination if you only want to hike one way.

*All backcountry camping requires a permit and park-approved bear canister. These can be obtained at GTNP ranger stations or Visitor Centers.


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