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At Summit

Top of the World Waffles

Take part in the tradition of delicious waffles atop Rendezvous Peak.  Situated in Corbet's Cabin at 10,450 feet and accessed by the aerial tram, there is no better place to enjoy a waffle.  And these aren't just any waffles either, these are made to order with delicious toppings like brown sugar butter, nutella, peanut butter and bacon (yes, you read that correctly) and more.

Corbet's Cabin also has a great selection of hot and cold drinks, beer, snacks, and tram souvenirs.  Whether you hiked all the way to the top of the mountain or enjoyed a scenic tram ride up, reward yourself with a treat and endless views from the deck.  Or cozy up at one of the tables in this charming and rustic cabin.

Open daily from 9am-3pm | 307.739.2688

Waffles served until 2:30pm everyday. Hot coco, coffee and hard goods are available until 3pm.

Current Waffle Flavors

Gateway: Peanut butter and bacon, an odd pairing you ask?  Not at all.  The phrase bacon goes with anything is not lost on the Gateway.

Italian: Nutella and strawberries, what else could go right?

Englishman: Lemon glaze, powdered sugar and whipped cream make for a sweet and tangy treat.

Traditional: Brown sugar and butter, simple and elegant.

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