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At Summit

Travis Rice

Nickname: Goose
Age: 33
Hometown: Jackson Hole
Sponsors: Lib Technologies Snowboards, Bluebird wax, Quiksilver, DC Shoes, Red Bull, Grenade Gloves, Jack's Garage, Neff Headwear, Nixon, Boost Mobile.

Favorite Lines at Jackson Hole?
All the ones I beat you to. Depends how it blew in.

What inspires you?
Shredding with friends on Pow days here at the resort.

If you weren't a pro rider, you'd be?
Geeking out super hard studying birds or how sea cucumbers mate out in the middle of nowhere.

What's in the ipod?
A little Chappelle, A little Chomsky, an 8mm mini movie and a load of other people's music.

Words to live by: " Its all mental"

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