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Jackson Hole Ski Lockers

Looking for a safe place to put your bag during the day on the hill or store your skis at night? If so, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has you covered with several gear locker and storage options.

Locker Map

Big Red Lockers

2 Locations- Adjacent to the ticket office and adjacent to Café 6311. Big Red Lockers are $5 for each entry and can hold a couple of pairs of shoes and a small bag. Credit cards and cash accepted via a terminal at either location.

Bridger Center Daily Locker Room

Located on the 1st floor of the Bridger Center- $25 per day for a tall locker- Holds 2 sets of skis (or snowboards), boots, poles and clothing.

Open daily from 8am-5pm

Call for more information: 307-739-2755

JH Sports

Ski Check- $13 for one set of skis/poles nightly.

Ski Check with JHMR rental ski- $5 for one set of skis/poles nightly.

Basket Check- $15 for a basket- basket can hold 2 pairs of ski boots and some additional clothing/small pack. 

Call for more information: 307-739-2649

JH Sports Jr. 

Located in the Cody House- Kid’s store their skis free with the JHS JR rental.

Call for more information: 307-739-2794

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