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At Summit

Rob Kingwill

Nickname: Kinger, Robbie
Birthday: 6/25/1975
Hometown: Jackson Hole for LIFE.
Sponsors: Jones Snowboards, LL Bean, AVALON7, Smith, Bern, Bluebird Wax, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, RedBull, World Boards Snowboard Shop.

There are many reasons why I live and ride in Jackson Hole.  I was lucky enough to grow up in this valley, and my roots run deep here.  I have travelled the world chasing snowboard contests, snow and new terrain, but even after 15 years of bouncing around; I always want to return home and ride.

There is something about the mountains in Jackson Hole that you just can't find anywhere else. Maybe it is the ruggedness of the Tetons, the fact that they are the youngest mountain range in North America, freshly hatched and reaching for the sky.  

Maybe it is the fact that a brand new Tram can put you on top of those immense chunks of granite in under 9 minutes, allowing you to ride down 4,130 vertical feet of the best terrain and lightest snow you have ever experienced, only to jump back on the Tram and do it again.

Maybe it is the tight group of riders that live here, the ones that ride every day, sacrificing careers and school just to taste and experience that ethereal moment that only Jackson Hole can provide, again and again and again throughout the winter.

Maybe it is a combination of all three.  There simply is no place like Jackson Hole, and lucky for me, like the old adage says, "There is no place like home."  RK

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