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At Summit

Max Hammer

Born: Jan. 29, 1988
Hometown: J-Hole born and bred
Sponsors: Line Skis, Smith Optics, Patagonia, AVALON7, JHMR, Jackson Hole Ski Club

My roots are 27 years deep into the soil of Jackson Hole, and there are no plans to transplant them anywhere else. As an avid ski racer growing up, I was fortunate enough to travel to many parts of the globe yet the best part about traveling for me is being able to come home. The Teton range has cultivated the greatest community of people I have ever known. Lucky for me my parents brought my brother, sister, and me up in this place where the air and water are clean, animals roam in abundance, and where you can find the best snow on earth (sorry Utah, but it's really not even a contest). The majesty of this place is exemplified at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Memories of pow runs stream through my mental projector on the regs and never seem to run out. Actually not just pow days, but everyday here is memorable.

People ask me where the best spots are but there's no hierarchy. Simply go to the top of any lift and see where gravity takes ya. It's really that easy. Groomers. Rollers. Moguls. Jumps. Park. Pipe. Pillows. Pow doggin'. Cliffs. Cruisers. Chargers. Steeps. Stash. Trees. Hot Cocoa. Pizza. Burgers. Backcountry. Nordic. Concerts. Friends. Family. You name it.

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