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At Summit

Mark Carter

You're a born and bred Wyoming guy.  What is it about this state that keeps you happy and challenged year-round?

I love Wyoming because you can go for miles and miles and never see a soul.  There is endless exploration and amazing beauty to be had and seen.  It is my home and I will never leave.

How do you spend your summer and fall seasons? 

My summers and falls are spent on my family cattle ranch in Ten Sleep, Wy.  I work with my family and try to spend as much time exploring the local mountains as possible.

What similarities are there between ranching and being a professional snowboarder?

Both ranching and snowboarding will get you into some sketchy situations from time to time.  Working on the ranch makes me really appreciate my winter life.  I love the ranch but snowboarding is an easier way to make a living.   Ranching keeps my hands hard and snowboarding keeps my mind straight. 

It snowed a foot of cold smoke and you're on the first tram.  Tell us where you're heading.

Straight fall line all the way to the bottom.  Corbets to Kurt's line and let'r run the rest of the way down Dick's ditch.

You get to travel around the world and ride your snowboard in places like Alaska and the Andes.  But what is it about Jackson that keeps you coming back for more? 

Jackson is hands down the best resort I have ever ridden.  From the terrain to the people I get to ride with, it's the best place I could ever hang my hat in the winter.

Big plans for this season?

Endless exploration and adventures with the people I enjoy riding with.  If immerse yourself in the mountains,  something will happen.

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