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At Summit

Lynsey Dyer

Birthday: March 13th, '84
Hometown: Ketchum, ID
Sponsors: Rossignol, Vholder, Intuition liners

Dear Jackson Hole,


I've skied around the world but I've never ridden a mountain that compares to you. Thank you for providing me a venue for some of my greatest accomplishments, and equal heartaches to keep me humble.  You've been a platform upon which I have built my goals and ambitions, and a playground to call home.  Thank you for attracting some of the most amazing weather patterns, soulful skiers, and early morning egg sandwiches the world has ever known. Though you've broken my heart through injury, you reminded me why I ski, and therefore made me stronger.  Thank you for the pow and clean take-offs as well as the flat landings and negative forty degree wind chill to keep me tough.  Our long walks have shown me your possibilities yet kept me grounded. The more time we've spent together you've shared your hidden stashes, and allowed for safe passages and stomped landings.  I will always appreciate your tram-line gatherings, right leg sidesteps, and moose sightings from the commute.  Our chairlift conversations continually inspire my perspective and artwork and challenge me to find more grace on the snow. From the lifties, to the parking lot dudes, the neighborly patrollers to the VC bartenders. Thank you for providing me and my friends with a community to be a part of, a challenge to ride, and a place to belong.  Though I may leave to ride new mountains, home will always be with you.

If you were a song, you'd be ACDC's ‘Shook Me All Night Long' followed by an acoustic guitar solo.

If you were a book, you'd read like an old western but with a sports-movie ending.

If you were a quote you'd be Churchill's "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

"If you were a breakfast, you'd be a bowl of nails with ice cream on top.

As for a car, you'd be an old black Chevy, with toys in the bed and a Shepard mix in the passenger seat.

And for a mountain, well, you wouldn't be the biggest in the world, but maybe the one with the most soul. 

PS. I promise to always keep our secret stashes just that, a secret:) 

Love, Lynsey

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