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At Summit

JHSports Retail List Winter 16/17

Jackson Hole Sports has great gear for all your needs on and off the hill. Please check out some of what we have to offer listed below. If you have any questions regarding what we currently have in stock, please feel free to contact us at 307-739-2687.

Vantage 100 CTI, Vantage 90 CTI, Backland FR117, Backland FR109, Backland FR102, W Backland FR 109, W Backland FR102, W Vantage 85, W Vantage 95, Backland BC Minie

Cham 2.0 107, Cham 2.0 97, W Cham 2.0 97, Glory 84

Pro Mountain 95TI, Pro Mountain 86TI, Pro Mountain 80TI, Ranger 90TI W Ranger 98, W Ranger 89, KOA 84TI

Pinnacle 95, Pinnacle 88, Coomba 104, Alluvit 88, Shreditor 85JR

Super 7 RD, Super 7 HD, E88 HD, E84 HD, Soul 7 HD, Sky 7 HD, Temptation 88, Temptation 84, W Soul 7 HD, W Sky 7 HD, Sassy 7

Invictus 99, TST, JJ 2.0, W Victa 93, W TST, W JJ 2.0, K Arv 84
Nomad 105, Pioneer 96, W Maiden 101, W Oracle 88, Scout 75, Scout 85

QST 118, QST 106,  QST Myriad 85, QST 99, QST Lux 92, QST 92, QST Stella 106,  QST Lumen 99

Clovis, Coda Rocker, Coda Camber, Sin Nombre, Brian Iguchi Pro Rocker, Brian Iguchi Pro Camber, Brian Iguchi Pro Split, W Clovis, Swoon Rocker

FT Landlord Split, FT Branch Manager, FT Gate Keeper, FT Skipjacksurf, Landlord, Flight Attendant, Modified Fish, Custom X, Custom, The Throwback, FT High Spirits, Feelgood, Déjà vu Flying V, Talent Scout

Velvet, Ladie’s Choice, EcoChoice, B Pro

SK8 Banana Stealth, Attack Banana HP, Skunk Ape HP, T Rice HP, Lando P Tools, TRS HP Stealth, T Rice Goldmember FP, T Rice Climax, Mayhem RN Fish, Hot Knife, Swiss Knife HP, Phoenix, Greenest Wittlk, Mayhem Rocket, Hell Hot Knife

Warlock, Warlock X, Twenty Five, Twenty Five X, W Prototype Two, Prototype Two, Prototype Two X, Snowtrooper, Snowtrooper X, West, West X, Ripsaw, Ripsaw X, Chairman, Chairman X, Infinity, Aura

XV Magtek, One Magtek, Jibsaw Heavy Duty Magtek, Jibsaw Magtek, Diva Magtek
X Base EST, X Base, Hitchhiker, Genesis X EST, Genesis X, Genesis EST, Genesis, Malavita EST, Malavita, Cartel EST, Cartel, Escapade EST, Escapade, Lexa EST, Lexa




Boot Model
Men's RX 130 LV, RX 130, RX 100, RX 100 LV, SX 130, SX 100, XT 130 LV Freetour, XT 130 Freetour
Women's W RX 110 LV, W RX 110, W RX 80, W RX 80 LV, W SX 90
Junior's RSJ 65, RX 80, Starlet 60


Boot Model
Men's RC Pro 130 Vacuum, RC Pro 120 Vacuum, RC Pro 110 Vacuum, Hybrid 10+ Vacuum,
Women's W Trinity 110 Vacuum, W RC Pro 110 Vacuum, W RC Pro 90 Vacuum, W Hybrid 10+ Vacuum


Boot Model
Men's Hawx Prime 130, Livefit 100, Hawx Prime 110, Hawx Ultra 130, Hawx Magna 130
Women's W Livefit 90, W Hawx Ultra 110, W Hawx Prime 100


Boot Model
Men's X Max 100, X Pro 100, X Pro Custom Heat, X Max 120, X Pro 120, X Pro 130, Mountain Lab
Women's W X Max 90, W X Pro 90, W X Max 110, W X Pro Custom Heat


Boot Model
Men's Fusion ID, Pantera 120 ID
Women's KR Chakra


Boot Model
Men's Allspeed Elite 130, Allspeed Elite 110, Allspeed Pro 110
Women's W Pure Pro 100, W Pure Elite 120


Boot Model
Men's Spyne 130 LV, Spyne 130 HV, Spyne 130, Spyne 110, Spyne 110 HV
Women's Spyre 110 LV, Spyre 110


Boot Fitting:MasterFit boot-fitting, Insta-Print Footbeds, DFP Foot beds, Intuition Power Wrap Liners, Zip Fit Liners

Outerwear:Marmot, Kjus, Arcteryx, Mountain Hardwear, Eider, Millet, Toad and Co., Patagonia, Smartwool, Ugg, Sorel, Neve, Lole, Alp-N-Rock, Kamik, Mountain Force, Burton

Backcountry: Skins, Probes, Transceivers, Packs, AT Bindings and Shovels from Life Link, DaKine, Camelbak, Ortovox, BCA, K2, ABS, Arva

Goggles: Smith, Giro, Scott, Oakley, Anon, Shred

Helmets: Giro, Smith, Pret, K2, Salomon, Bern, Anon

Gloves: G2, Burton, Marmot, Hestra, Smartwool, DaKine, Swany

Bindings: Atomic, Marker, Look, Rossignol, Salomon, Dynafit, Fischer

Poles: Leki, K2, Scott

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