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At Summit

J Card Reload

Reload Online

If you already have a J-Card then you are only a few clicks away from loading more days of skiing and riding onto your card.  Since your card is reusable all you need to do is purchase more days.  Please click the red reload your J Card button to do so.

Question about reloading?

  • Q: Do I have to pay the $5 J-Card fee again?
    Answer: No, the $5 charge is a one-time fee for the card. As long as you have your card you simply reload the card with more days.
  • Q: Once I complete my reload order what do I do? 
    Answer: Proceed to the lift
  • Q: What do I need in order to reload? 
    Answer: Your J Card has two numbers listed on it.  One on the front and one on the back.  You will need to enter these numbers during the reload process on our online store.
  • Q: I lost my J Card what do I do?
    Answer: Go to the ticket office below the tram.  They will be able to replace your card for $5.  You will need an ID.
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