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Cam Fitzpatrick

Age: 23

Hometown: Jackson Hole, WY

Sponsors: Bern Helmets, Arbor Snowboards, Under Armour, Spy Optics, JHMR, Speaqua Sound Co., Union Bindings, Aion Headwear, Bluebird Wax, Remind Insoles, Avalon 7, Adidas Boots

Nickname: C Fitty or Fitz

Results: 1st Place in King of the Wasatch, 8th Place in Copper Revolution Tour SlopeStyle, 18th Overall in Revolution Tour, 3rd Place at Gatorade Free flow Finals.

Bio: I have grown up in Jackson Hole, WY my entire life and have been riding for 12 years. I started out skiing at the age of 2 and switched over to snowboarding at the age of 6. Growing up in Jackson has allowed me to become an all around rider when it comes to big mountain, riding parks and pipes, and getting the opportunity to experience the great aspects of life. I love to film and work with photographers while riding but most importantly, I love to ride with my friends at my home mountain. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will always be the true backbone of where my riding comes from. Throughout the years I have experienced different cultures by traveling to countries to take photos, film and compete. I want to take snowboarding as far as it will let me go no matter whats stands in my way, as well as progress the sport. But when it comes down to it... I love to Snowboard.

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