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Bryan Iguchi

Birthday: September 10th
Hometown: Moorpark, CA
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric Visuals, Bluebird Wax, JHMR

What keeps you living in the mountains and dedicating your life to snowboarding?
I grew up in California not far from the ocean where you could do just about anything, any time of the year. I spent my early days surfing and skateboarding and started riding and became consumed by it. I've followed the evolution of board sports from the sea to the mountains, with a sort of Darwinist approach. I live in mountains now because I want to be close to what I love. I've found snowboarding to be the most satisfying lifestyle and am intrigued by the endless possibilities the mountains have to offer. I love to explore my surroundings and the excitement of discovery keeps me going. It seems as if being deprived of it during summer makes me want to do it so much more.

Do you feel a strong connection with these mountains, this place? Why? 
Absolutely, these mountains have taught me many lessons over the past 14 years. I've had numerous experiences that have defined my life as a rider and as person. I've experienced triumph and tragedy. Felt ultimate bliss and humbling fear.

I've made a lot of friends and have had some really good times. I met my wife here and had my first son here. These events have had a profound effect on my perception and appreciation of Jackson Hole. It feels like home.

What keeps you motivated?
I love riding new terrain with friends, pulling off a crazy mission, getting into a new zone and dissecting lines and features for the first time. Exploring the possibilities of the mountains, trying to take a different line is what it's all about for me.

Why do you choose Jackson Hole as your home hill and home town?

I first came to Jackson Hole when I was in high school. I remember pulling into the parking lot exhausted after a 24 hour bus ride and seeing the mountain for the first time. I looked up in awe, seeing the cliffs I thought to myself "how do you get down this mountain without flying off those things?" I remember being blown away by the riding on that trip and everywhere I went after it didn't measure up, so I moved here. Nowadays it's still the great riding experience and the community that keeps me here.

Nickname: Guch

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