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Backcountry Yurt

Rock Springs Yurt at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
For an unforgettable mountain experience, spend a night slopeside at the rustic Rock Springs Yurt. Share the memory with your closest friends and family, led by a knowledgeable guide. The overnight adventure includes a private tour to the yurt's secluded backcountry site in the Bridger Teton National Forest and a fully-outfitted stay, from the hot drinks greeting you upon arrival to the gourmet meals prepared by the yurtmeister and the cozy bunks guaranteeing a sound night's sleep.

The Rock Springs Yurt is a unique rustic camping experience in Jackson Hole’s backcountry. It is supplied only via skiing from the Tram and has no plumbing or electricity and limited cell phone reception. Heat is provided by a wood stove and cooking is done on a propane camp stove. Bathroom facilities are pack-it-out ‘Wag Bag’ style toilet systems. Access to the yurt is via Black Diamond Terrain and any extra supplies must be brought in your backpack, or you can pay extra to have a porter ski in your goodies.  The yurt is special because of its remote and secluded location, but please keep in mind the limitations of backcountry camping when making your plans.

Experience Backcountry Luxury. Spend a night around a cozy fire in the beautiful seclusion of Bridger Teton National Forest.

The Rock Springs Yurt - luxury in the backcountry.
The Rock Springs Yurt - luxury in the backcountry.

Yurt Options | Please call 307.739.2629 with questions or to make a reservation

· Overnight: $550* for up to 8 people. $50/additional persons up to 12

Apres snacks provided upon arrival at the yurt.
Apres snacks provided upon arrival at the yurt.

· Yurt Porter: $100

Yurt Amenities

· A wood burning, glass-front Franklin stove to keep you toasty and warm

· Marmot Dri-Loft sleeping bags with clean bag liners

· Raised porch with uninhibited views of the night sky

· Knowledgeable yurtmeister

· 3-burner propane cooking stove

· propane lanterns

· Games for kids and adults

· Great opportunities for photography

· Pack-It-In, Pack-It-Out Backcountry Toilet System

Inside the Yurt
Inside the Yurt
Yurt Packages
Overnight: $550*
Enjoy a night with up to eight people. A yurtmeister guides you to the yurt, and prepares dinner while you sit back and relax with good company and spectacular scenery. Along with the aforementioned yurt amenities, the overnight package includes:

· Dinner & Dessert

· Lite breakfast

· Hot Beverages

*Price does not include alcoholic beverages. For more than 8 people, there is a charge of $50/person, maximum 12.

Yurt Porter: $100
Don't want to carry your overnight gear? Hire a porter to carry your personal belongings and food to and from the yurt.

Backcountry Guide
Experience the ultimate backcountry adventure by pairing a guided backcountry tour with a night in the yurt. Click here for more information on Backcountry Guides.Full Day tour and overnight.  Inquire for Pricing.

Equipment and Gear for Overnights
Provided Gear

· warm sleeping bags

· sleeping bag liners

· dinner, lite breakfast, non-alcoholic beverages, plenty of drinking water

· propane and firewood

Guest should bring

· medium/large backpack

· extra layer such as down vest, jacket or fleece

· head lamp/flashlight

·extra shoes or boots

· toiletries

· water bottle

· camera

Allison, Yurtmeister
Allison, Yurtmeister

• Yurt Lunch: Lunch reservations can be scheduled between 11am and 1pm. Plan one hour for lunch and two to four hours for the full round-trip.

• Yurt Overnights: Meet at 2:30pm at the Ski School Sales Desk in Café 6311 and arrive at the yurt by 4:30 pm. Leave the yurt by 8:30am the following morning.

Please call 307.739.2629 with questions or to make a reservation.

  • Cancellation Policy: 50% charge within 30 days, full charge within 14 days.
  • Reservations required at least 4 days in advance.
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