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Nordic FAQs

Do I need to reserve rental gear in advance? No reservation is necessary to rent nordic equipment. Cross Country skis, boots and poles are available through Jackson Hole Sports at a rate of $20/day. Rental equipment may not be reserved or put on hold, and you may keep it as long as you like. Please arrange to pick up your Nordic gear prior to meeting your guide at 9 am.

I've never done this before, can I still go on a tour? Absolutely! No experience required for cross country tours. Your guide will provide basic instruction and environmental orientation before you set off into the wilderness. There are a variety of routes to suit your ability level and goals.

What kind of skis do you use? We use waxless touring skis and NNN bindings and boots. The skis are designed for off-trail use and variable snow conditions.

I hurt my knee/shoulder/back etc. Is it dangerous? Cross country skiing is very low-impact. Nordic tours can be a great alternative to alpine skiing if you're worried about a past injury.

How long will we be skiing for? On a half day tour you'll probably ski for around 2- 2 1/2 hours, depending on drive time.

Is it hard? Olympic athletes make cross-country skiing look like an extreme aerobic work-out. While they are a great source of exercise, our tours generally go at a slower pace. No spandex necessary. We'll focus on natural and local history, tracking animals and enjoying Grand Teton National Park. 

What should I wear? We recommend dressing with layers that are easy to shed and re-don to adjust to your day.  Light weight base layers, both top and bottom; breathable outer wear pants; a warmth layer for the top; and a wind proof, water proof breathable layer for the top.  A light weight hat and light weight water resistant gloves or mittens are advisable.  Some sort of eye wear- sunglasses are often a good choice.

What else should I bring? That’s pretty much it- we’ll supply everything else.  Bring your camera!!  If you have specific special snacks that you like to have, bring some of those.  Your guide will have some snacks as well.

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