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Jeff Harmon hails originally from West Hills, California. He grew up skiing China Peak in the Central Sierra and led cross country ski trips in Kings Canyon National Park until the growing patches of dirt under his skis led him eastward to the Tetons. Jeff boasts over 15 years in the Outdoor Education industry, including backcountry skiing courses, mountaineering and glacier travel in Alaska. Find Jeff on top of the highest peaks or cruising through the valleys on his XC skis. He's a ringer at pop-culture trivia as well as all things outdoors.
Allison Ahlert grew up skiing in Truckee, CA and loves to explore the backcountry. With a degree in Geography and a love of travel, Allison explored many corners of the world and the US before making the Tetons her home in 2011. In the spring and summer she'll ride the snowmelt as a whitewater raft guide in the Grand Canyon and Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho. She's at home guiding on snow, rivers, and even glaciers of Alaska. Her favorite thing about cross country skiing is getting away from the crowds, and seeking out the quietest spots.

Tanya Anderson loves playing in snow, tracking animals, and sharing her love of the Tetons. After receiving her Master's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts in 2004, Tanya did research in the Galapagos Islands, sailed around the world as an educator on a Japanese ship, and taught environmental studies for college study abroad programs. More recently, she has coordinated a graduate program in environmental education and directed a local nonprofit. This is her sixth winter guiding park tours at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
The great grandson of an ax swinging, wooden ski touring swede, Zach Montes grew up with Nordic skiing in his blood. His parents put him on skis when he was just 1-year old. He admittedly hated the whole "uphill concept" at first, but now he has more fun skiing up the hills than the down! With a degree in Geology from Carleton College and several years of experience working as a wilderness guide and outdoor educator, Zach loves to talk about the incredible geology of the Tetons. Whether it's exploring the beautiful ice formations along Granite Creek, or extreme cross country skiing in waist deep powder, Zach is overjoyed to share the things he loves with others.

Benj grew up in New York and Italy. Since the age of 4, he has been fascinated by wild creatures, especially reptiles and birds. He served in the Peace Corps as a wildlife biologist in Niger, West Africa and went on to teach Wildlife Management in Kenya and Conservation Science and Ecotourism Development Strategies in the Kingdom of Bhutan. He has traveled or worked on five continents as a development specialist, wildlife biologist and field sciences educator. Jackson Hole has been his home since 1989.
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