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Local Food Sourcing

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Food & Beverage staff prides themselves on supporting the farm-to-table movement of minimizing the distance between harvesting and consumption--primarily by limiting food processing, packaging, storage and distribution steps.

Food Service Director Jay Brewer and Executive Chef Wes Hamilton have developed a proprietary grading system of over a dozen different factors to choose their food vendors, including not only food quality, food cost and supply reliability, but also production location within 500 miles and environmental sustainability demonstrated by organic certification. 

One result of the grading system has been limiting fish purchases to fresh and wild types approved as "sustainable seafood" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Another result has been that over 10% of JHMR's annual half-million dollar food budget goes to local vendors, most of whom are represented by a logo on this page.  With a growing local farmer's market and the development of a vertail harvest greenhouse in the town of Jackson, the percent of the annual food budget going to local vendors could double in the next few years. 

In 2016, JHMR donated $25,000 as part of our 50th Anniversary season to Vertical Harvest Jackson Hole, our new local greenhouse in the town of Jackson. In addition to donating, we have formed a partnership with Vertical Harvest that brings in their great locally grown produce that we serve at food and beverage locations across the resort..

Fewer food miles may not always translate into lower greenhouse gas emissions, since local transportation inefficiencies, as well as lower local agricultural productivity may cancel out emission savings from averted long-distance transportation.  However, the use of local foods encourages regional self-reliance, promotes the Wyoming agricultural heritage, and allows for creative seasonal menus using the freshest ingredients.     

Our Local Food Sources

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