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At Summit

Crystal Wright

Birthday: January 14th
Hometown: Jackson Hole

I was born in Jackson Hole Wyoming in 1982, my parents had moved to Jackson to be ski bums in the 70's and have resided there ever since. I remember skiing on wooden skis down my driveway when I was 2 years old. When I was five years old my family took a managing position at Big Sandy Ranch in Pinedale, WY right at the base of the Wind River Mountain range. The ranch was 2 hours from Jackson, 50 miles from the closest town and had no electricity. So I would spend my summers on a ranch and my winters in Jackson, I felt very lucky to live in two such beautiful places. I started showing horses, barrel racing and roping when I was nine years old, that is how I would spend my summers. Having the Wind River and Teton mountain ranges in my back yard has also opened me up to the world of rock climbing and mountain biking which I love almost as much as skiing.

I started ski racing with the Jackson Hole Ski Club when I was nine and worked my way up the ranks of ski racing. I became a member of the Western Region Elite Ski Team when I was 15 and later traveled with U.S. Ski Team through Europe and South America until I was 20 years old. In 2002 I was chosen to forerun the Women's Olympic downhill in Snowbasin Utah and was the first person to ski the course. It was one of the best experiences of my life being able to compete with the best women skiers in the world. I also had many top 5 results in various downhill Nor-Ams and raced Europa Cup downhills. I then went on to college where I had to transfer my talent to the technical events and raced NCAA skiing at Montana State University. I also was a member of the Rodeo team as well, so I traveled much during the fall and winter months of college.

During my racing career I never lost my love for freeskiing and skiing  the Jackson Hole backcountry. I couldn't wait until my racing career was over and I would be able to compete and ski on the big mountain circuit. Through all my years of racing the one thing that kept me competing at such a high level for so long was being able to go ski powder and steeps with my friends and family. So now I am excited to say that after many great years of ski racing and the worldly experiences that I gained from it, I am pursuing my goal as a professional big mountain skier. In 2009 I won my first Freesking World Tour Title and I then repeated in 2012. I have been on 25 podiums in my career thus far. The 7 years of competing at high big mountain level are something I will never forget. I am now transitioning more into the world of ski mountaineering an being able to still push myself in the mountains, but in a different light. I love being in the big mountains and being able to ski down after hard work to get there is the most rewarding part. I have skied various peaks in the Tetons and Wind Rivers, I look forward to continuing and learning more with this passion. 

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