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TechTonics Camp

Camp Details TBD for 2014
Techtonics Adventure Camp offers programs that will engage children ages 7-11 in different sessions including: bike park, nature discovery, tech time and individual projects.  Camps are Monday through Friday and includes lunch.  Bike Park passes and rentals are available at a discounted rate with the camp.

5 Day TechTonics Camp TBD
Bike Park Pass with Camp* TBD
All Day Bike Rental with Camp TBD


*All Participants must have a Bike Park Pass and bike to participate.

Air It Out TBD

Lights, Action, Roll It TBD

Shake, Rattle, Roll It TBD

Survival Mode TBD






Air it out:     TBD
Examine the basics of flight from the Bike Park to Discovery Projects throughout Teton Village.
Bike Park Sessions: A progression of small to medium jumps will be covered as kids safely learn the basics of catching air in the Bike Park.
Discovery Sessions:  Tram and Paragliding Landing Zones
Tech Time:  How do things fly?  What's the difference between a hummingbird and a bird of prey in flight?  How are paragliders able to fly above Teton Village and launch from the top of the Tram?
Projects: Build a balloon powered hovercraft and a rubber band powered airplane.
Fly a micro RC indoor helicopter!!

Lights, Action, Roll it     TBD
Go Pro and Glow
Bike Park Sessions:  Basic to Intermediate Bike Park Skills will be learnt throughout the week
Discovery Sessions: How can you get the most from your POV camera?  Learn filming and  editing techniques with our GoPro cameras.
Tech Time:  How do cameras and Electro-Luminescent lights (EL lights) work?  Discover the science and engineering behind these in the Techtonics lab.
Projects:  Using EL Lights, we’ll  make ordinary bikes into something TRON would be proud of.

Shake, Rattle and Roll it  TBD
Prep your machine and your body for some great moves!
Bike Park Sessions:  All Bike Park skills will be covered this week as well as correct gear selection and how to handle rough terrain.
Discovery Sessions: We are only as good as our equipment, right?  This week will teach basic bike maintenance and repair.
Tech Time: Same is true for our body!  Our specialized "funk master" will break down Hip Hop moves into bite size pieces for everyone to learn.
Projects: Hip Hop ‘till you drop. Kids will be able to string together moves that will astound.

Survival Mode TBD
Things that eke out a living in Teton Village
Bike Park Sessions:  All Bike Park skills will be covered this week as well as what to do when you encounter wildlife on your bike.
Discovery Sessions: Basic bike maintenance and repair and how to get rolling again if you break down in the wild.  We will also spend the night in the Rock Springs Yurt!
Tech Time:  Does a bear yawn in the woods?  This week we can find out, as you will learn how to set up a trail camera.
Projects:  Prepare and install a trail camera to see what wildlife we catch on film during the week.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions, concerns or to make a reservation., 307-739-2788