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What to do in Jackson Hole


Recreation in Jackson Hole is as boundless as the land itself. Its rugged terrain inspires rugged activity and creativity. Whether trekking to the top of a mountain or taking in the art those adventures inspire, there is more to do in Jackson Hole than meets the eye. With myriad outdoor and indoor diversions, this small town has a big cultural footprint.

From the hub of downtown Jackson radiates many spokes worthy of exploration. Galleries, restaurants and boutiques ring Town Square making a day downtown a busy one, while trails into the Bridger Teton

National Forest make hiking and biking possible within town limits. Snow King – aka the Town Hill – is a favorite steep-and-sweet hike among locals. A short drive north of town, the National Museum of Wildlife Art is a valley gem, federally recognized as the definitive site for wildlife art. Across the highway, some 10,000 elk spend winter on the National Elk Refuge, the feeding ground for the Jackson Hole herd. Grand Teton National Park, a mere 15 minutes away, spans 96,000 acres of pristine wilderness with trails laced throughout. Travel north an hour more and reach Yellowstone National Park – a vast, otherworldly expanse rife with bison herds, wolf packs and gurgling geothermal features waiting to be explored.

With so many facets of fun, Jackson Hole invites everyone to enjoy themselves.