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Parking in Jackson Hole

All summer Teton Village parking is free!

The Teton Village Master Plan approved by Teton County March 1998 includes traffic mitigation requirements at the request of Teton County Commissioners. Teton Village commercial owners agreed to help mitigate traffic on The Village Road (Hwy 390). The mitigation efforts include Teton Village Association (TVA) commercial owners buying season START bus passes for all Teton Village employees; paid parking in all existing lots; and free parking with shuttles from Stilson Parking Lot (Corner of Route 22 and Hwy 390, where the Wilson Chicken Fry is annually held).

In essence, TVA agreed to help manage traffic on Hwy 390 as Teton Village developed because some Teton County constituents strongly communicated their desire to the County Commissioners to stop the southern end of HWY 390 from expanding.

Parking Details for Teton Village (winter):

  1. Paid Parking in ALL Teton Village lots until designated time (#2)
  2. $5 Ranch until 1pm, $12 other lots until 3pm
  3. Free Parking (600 spaces) with Free Shuttles from Stilson Parking Lot
    1. During peak demand 6am-9:30am and 3pm-6:30pm
    2. START will service Stilson off peak demand and late night hours
  4. Car Pooling (3 or more) can park for free anytime in Ranch Lot.
  5. Short term and handicap parking always available in Teton Village.



How do the shuttles work?
Stilson Parking Lot has a heated transit center with restrooms. There are free shuttles paid for by TVA during peak morning and evening hours. For midday and late evenings, START will include Stilson Parking Lot on the Green Route.

I have a family – how can I possibly manage on the bus?
TVA encourages family participation in all activities at Teton Village. Therefore TVA and JHMR reached an agreement in an effort to assist families:

1) There is dedicated, free 45 minute parking in the Cody Lot for parents dropping off and registering children at the Kids Ranch who do not intend to stay themselves.
2) Any car with 3 or more occupants can park for free in the Ranch Lot.

Why is Teton Village/JHMR not building parking structures?
Currently the issue is not about parking. It is about traffic volumes on Hwy 390. There is a proposal to construct parking structures in the future. However, at $15,000 - $20,000 per space, the economics are extremely burdensome without alternative financing.

Is there any free parking in Teton Village?
Yes - hotel, short term, handicap, and car pool vehicles with 3 or more people on any day will be allowed to park for free in the Ranch Lot. Parking will be free in all lots from midday onwards.

I live along the Village Road, do I have to drive south in order to get to the Village?
Hwy 390 residents will be encouraged to take the bus from the Aspens, Calico-Vista Grande or car pool.

What about Parking Passes?
Anybody can buy a parking pass. They will be available after Labor Day from the Mangy Moose Emporium on Broadway, Jackson Hole Resort Store on Center St., and Teton Village Sports in Teton Village. $325/Ranch lot, $650/Village, Cody and Crystal Springs lots.

Isn’t this just a way for Teton Village to make money from its loyal passholders?
The cost of managing paid parking, bus transportation, and off-site facilities is four times higher than revenue received from parking fees. This new plan is being executed as a requirement of Teton County with annual review by County Commissioners.

We realize these parking changes may impact Teton Village guests’ established routines. However, we hope this explanation makes it easier to understand. As residents of Teton County, we need to expand mass transit and commuter alternatives if we want to protect the character of the County. We urge you to become involved in the dialogue regarding transit either by emailing TVA at or Bill Collins, Teton County Planning Director, at

Jim Terry, President, TVA