World-class skiing and snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Eric Orton | JH Summer Athlete Team

Eric Orton is a performance guru and running coach, recently gaining acclaim as the coach of Born to Run author Christopher McDougall. Eric has also authored his own book The Cool Impossible, is heading a running camp in Jackson Hole this summer and has a long list of athletes that he trains. Orton is also a competitive runner in his own right and the Jackson Hole valley is the perfect venue for him to work on his own fitness and adventure-lifestyle.

Take a run in Jackson Hole with Eric:

Excerpt from Q&A with Eric Orton on the Jackson Hole Blog:

AC: What is most rewarding thing about being a running trainer?

EO: The obvious might be helping a runner do well at a big race and achieve that short term goal. After spending 5,6,7 months coaching a runner for a race, being part of their journey to this goal is very rewarding. But for me, the biggest reward is getting to the point in their training where they begin to love the training just for the pure enjoyment it brings them, the day to day discipline are working towards a big goal. They begin to fall in love with the process and they start to see that this is the part that is so rewarding. I tell people, the hardest part of an ultra marathon is getting to the start line. And where this becomes so powerful is once this is experienced, the runner starts to see that they can do way more than they think they can, when emphasis is placed on the day to day process. And this opens up an entirely new way for them to think about goals and what they might want to accomplish with running. This is very exciting and where big dreams start happening.

AC: How did the book Born to Run change your career?

EO: The big change was that it catapulted me and my coaching to a worldwide level and placed me in a position to help thousands of runners on a global scale. And with this, I needed to find a way to be able to help thousands of runners, which gave way to me publishing my own training book, The Cool Impossible. And, it has allowed me to become involved with a variety of projects like starting a shoe company, B2R, LLC and to be fortunate enough to be collaborating with some executive producers for a potential TV show series. All of this is fun and exciting, but ultimately, for me it is about helping runners and to help promote running as a great healthy lifestyle filled with adventure. And now, people from around the globe are interested in coming to JH to run with me and experience my “playground” in the mountains.

AC: What do you do to cross train?

EO: Jackson Hole is truly a multi-sport mecca and the great part of this is so many activities are so accessible. This allows me to do all my running, but also have time to do other things. So I obviously love to ski and have always lived in a ski town. My daughter loves to climb and boulder, I have have begun to use climbing as a great way to compliment my other strength training. I also have a strong cycling background, so I try to do as much as I can, either commuting around town or engaging in some snow biking adventures in the winter. And with an eight year old, a trampoline and slack line in the backyard provide a great “be like a kid” everyday.

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