World-class skiing and snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Ski Level Assessment

The first step toward your ultimate mountain experience: Assess your skills and experience.

Finding the perfect fit for your goals is easy. Figure out which level below best describes you, then head to the Ski Class Lesson Page to learn more about specific classes, or click the Buy Now button to sign up!

Beginner – Learn to Turn
Level 1: Your first time on skis
Goals: Basic gliding, turning, and control on our easiest runs
Level 2: You can turn slightly and stop.
Goals: Linking turns and stopping on our easiest runs
Level 3: You can link turns on green runs, confidently load and unload chairlift
Goals: Riding the chairlift. Confidently linking turns on green runs.  Consistently stopping and slowing down.
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Intermediate – Turn it Up
Level 4: You can make controlled turns with a parallel finish
Goals: Making different size and shape turns for speed control on most green runs. Experiment with increasing and decreasing speed
Level 5: You feel confident on green runs, but find blue runs difficult
Goals: Skiing first blue runs. Gaining confidence on groomed blue runs. Vary turn shapes for different situations
Level 6: You can ski blue runs comfortably.
Goals: Feeling more comfortable on groomed blue runs, ski longer stretches, and start to explore more blue terrain. Experiment with increasing and decreasing speed.
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Advanced – Mountain X
Level 7: You can easily make parallel turns on most blue and some double blue runs
Goals: Refining technique, exploring more double blue runs including small bumps and other terrain features.
Level 8: You can make strong parallel turns on most double blue and some black runs with good speed and control
Goals: Refining technique for rhythm, speed and control in moguls, powder, and steeps
Level 9: You are a strong parallel skier in bumps, powder, and steeps, and navigate most black runs comfortably
Goals: Developing tactical and technical variations for skiing all terrain and snow conditions
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