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Parking / Transit in Teton Village

Parking Details for Teton Village:

  1. Paid Parking in ALL Teton Village lots until designated time:
    • Cody lot and Village lots are $15 until 1 PM and then $10 until 3 PM
    • Crystal Springs lot is $15 until 1 PM
    • Ranch lot is $5 until 1 PM. Carpools of 3 or more are always free in the Ranch lot
    • Parking passes can be purchased through Teton Village Sports or the Resort Store on the town square
    • Stilson lot at the corner of 22 & 390 is always free
    • START bus will begin their winter schedule on Friday, Nov. 29th (

    Teton Village Map

  2. Free parking (600 spaces) at Stilson Lot with free shuttles to and from Teton Village
    • The shuttles run during peak demand: 6 to 9:30 a.m. and 3 to 6:30 p.m.
    • START services Stilson during off-peak and late-night hours
  3. Carpooling cars – 3 or more passengers – always park for free in the Ranch Lot
  4. Short-term and handicap parking is always available in Teton Village


Answered by Jim Terry, President of the Teton Village Association

How do the shuttles work?
The Stilson Lot has a heated transit center with restrooms. During peak morning and evening hours, there are free shuttles paid for by TVA. For midday and late evenings, START services Stilson on its Green Route.

I have a family. How can I possibly manage on the bus?
TVA encourages families to participate in all activities at Teton Village. With this in mind, TVA and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort have agreed to help families by providing free 45-minute parking in the Cody Lot for parents dropping off and registering children at the Kids Ranch. Also, any car with 3 or more occupants can park for free in the Ranch Lot.

Is there free parking in Teton Village?
Yes: hotel, short term, handicap, and carpools with 3 or more passengers per car can park for free in the Ranch Lot. Midday, parking becomes free in all lots.

Are there plans to build parking structures?
Currently, the issue is not about parking, but rather the traffic volume on Hwy 390. There is a proposal to construct parking structures in the future. However, with the cost estimated at $15,000 to $20,000 per space, the economics are burdensome without alternative financing.

I live along the Village Road. Do I have to drive south in order to access the Village?
Village Road residents are encouraged to take the bus from the Aspens or Calico-Q Roadhouse. Or carpool.

Are there parking passes?
Anybody can buy parking passes, which cost $350 for the Ranch Lot or $700 for the Village, Cody and Crystal Springs lots. Passes are sold – after Labor Day – at the Mangy Moose Emporium and the Jackson Hole Resort Store in downtown Jackson, and Teton Village Sports in Teton Village.

Isn’t paid parking a way for Teton Village to make money from its loyal passholders?
The cost of managing paid parking, bus service and off-site facilities is four times higher than revenue received from parking fees. The new parking plan was required by Teton County with annual review by County Commissioners, and we hope these answers make the parking changes easier to understand. Residents of Teton County need to part of the conversation to expand mass transit and commuter alternatives. To become involved, email TVA at or Jeff Daugherty, Teton County Planning Director, at