World-class skiing and snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Dear Jackson Hole Season Passholders

I am writing first to thank all of our season passholders for their continued loyalty to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  We trust you are enjoying the early part of the 2013/2014 ski season.  And like us are delighted about the current weather forecast which is calling for new snow through this weekend!  We hope to see you up on the mountain!

We consider our passholders a part of our wider community, and for us at the mountain, part of our family.  There is a current public debate occurring that we feel is important to all of us who consider themselves part of the Jackson Hole community; in winter and in summer.  It relates to the Moose-Wilson Road corridor and a plan to study the potential expansion of the Pathway system to cover a 3.5 mile gap within the larger 30-mile loop.  This new segment of the Pathway would cover the space between the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Preserve and Moose (the segment from Granite Entrance and Lawrence S. Rockefeller is already approved), thus completing the uninterrupted distance of the 30-mile loop. Those in favor of the plan strongly believe this expansion would bring numerous benefits:

  • Increased public safety for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • A continuous Pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy Grand Teton National Park
  • Will help to preserve the slow, rural, country road character of the existing Moose-Wilson Road

We at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are in favor of this plan and ourselves engaged in the discussion.  Our goal in writing to you today is to help raise awareness of the debate, and ask you as important stakeholders in our community to get involved in this important process.
There are two opportunities to join this discussion.  Both would only take a small amount of your time.

  • Attend an open house this coming Tuesday, January 14th to talk with GTNP officials who will be accepting public comments on a new EIS scoping plan.  Please attend the meeting so you can comment officially from 5-8 pm at the St. John's Medical Center, Moose-Wapiti Classroom, 625 East Broadway.

    And here's what we hope you can support as a key positive way to improve public safety and encourage non-motorized visitation.  Thoughtful, insightful comments from your unique perspective carry much emphasis in processes like these.
  • Submit written comment to GTNP, using this link:

Please use your ideas to create a unique comments and provide GTNP with your perspective on how to provide safe access to public lands in the Moose-Wilson Road corridor.

In all, we have a 30-mile Grand Loop that will soon be a reality from Moose to Jackson to Wilson to Teton Village to Moose.  Pathways are already either constructed or approved for all but 3.5 miles of this Grand Loop.  But this 3.5-mile gap without a pathway leaves a dangerous missing link as currently planned on the northern section of the Moose-Wilson Road within Grand Teton National Park.  This gap would force pedestrians and cyclists, families with their children, residents and visitors into close proximity to vehicles whose drivers are often there looking at the scenery and wildlife.  Our community and Grand Teton National Park have seen two tragic vehicle-cyclist fatalities -- Gabriella Axelrad in 1999 and Jeff Pool in 2001 - both on roads in GTNP that did not have a pathway.  Let's never put visitors or residents in that kind of risk again where a lack of pathways allowed fatal accidents.

Let's plan for a safe and smart future.  We all want to keep the character of the Moose-Wilson Road slow and rural, like a country road - that's good for wildlife and safety!  With the anticipated reconstruction of the northern section of the road, the opportunity arises to simply add a complete pathway to address public safety concerns and improve the visitors' experience.

Public comments on this scoping process are due February 6th! 
From myself and all of the employees, families and friends of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, I’d like to thank you again not only for your loyalty and commitment to our incredible mountain, but also for your thoughtfulness in considering this question.  

Warm Regards,



Jerry Blann

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort