Z | Riding with Jeremy Jones in the Tetons

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January has been a whirlwind of work travel, and a little family time. One of the highlights of the month was working with legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones, and the TGR production team. I had the chance to work with Jeremy during his Grand Teton attempt. Riding the Grand had been a long time dream for Jeremy – and with an incredible window of snow and weather we were able to drop in on the imposing East Face/Otterbody route in deep powder conditions – an amazing experience for all involved. For the full story look for “Higher” to hit a cinema near you this fall. Jeremy was back this January to work on a segment, scheduled to air this winter. Its always great working with Jeremy – his long career in the mountains is a testament to the unique balance of motivation and patience – and its that delicate equilibrium that has keep him alive in dangerous places for along time. This time we were under a heavy storm track and we had to consider carefully what made sense – following the obvious signs that the mountains gave us. In the end we found deep snow and Jeremy showcased the talent that makes him one of the greatest riders of all time.

Testing the Teton product

The Jones brothers telling their story

Working with fellow guides to find the goods in the Tetons

Jeremy – high on life in the mountains, as always

Jeremy dropping

Editor’s Note: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) neither encourages nor discourages backcountry touring. Skiers/snowboarders crossing out of the JHMR boundaries do so at their own risk. Read the posted signs at the designated access gates before proceeding. Call the Bridger-Teton National Forest Backcountry Avalanche Hazard & Weather Forecast at 307.733.2664 for more information or contact our Guide Service at the Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School. 307.739.2779.

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