Z | Family Time on the Mountain

When i came to the Tetons 10 years ago, I roamed the mountains freely, working a little on the side, but unencumbered and without kids – my schedule was my own. I used to think that a hard day of skiing involved long days in the backcountry. Then I had kids, and I learned – backcountry days are a joke compared to the exhausting task of teaching your own kids to ski! Still Kim and I managed to instill a love of skiing into the kids, and skiing became a family affair with our clan. I make my life as a skier and a guide, so it was natural for me to want to pass on the experience of being in the mountains in that way to my children.

This year we signed both the kids up for the Saturday locals program with the Mountain Sports School (MSS) – because I’m realizing that just being a skier doesn’t qualify me to be the best person to help my kids develop in their own skiing – that can be a tough pill to swallow as a parent, but in skiing, as in so many other areas, sometimes the best thing for your kids is to cut them loose.

A few weeks into the season and Gemma (5yrs) had her first snowboard lesson – amazing! Alyosha, under the unwaveringly high standards of Will Pasquill, is learning about working hard, getting up when you fall down, and in all things – giving it your best.

And having lunch with my wife at Couloir isn’t that bad either!