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Wright Training will make you Jump Jump

wright jumping training

Last week my mountain bike was in the shop and I had been wanting to check out my friend, and Jackson Hole athlete, Crystal Wright’s new(ish) gym for some time now.  So, last Thursday I took the challenge and attended 5:30pm Sports Maintenance Class at Wright Training.  Crystal opened the gym last fall, and has been gaining loyal trainees ever since.  “Crystal’s classes have transformed my body and what is it capable of,” said one local Wright fanatic “I go twice a week, and it makes all the difference.”  And I believe that after attending just one class.


With Kris Kross, “Jump” blaring over the stereo system class begins, and I starting jumping, and then swinging kettle bells, then sprinting and then doing it all over again with sit ups and pushups in between, until suddenly almost an hour of intense circuit training is over.  The time goes so quickly because Crystal keeps the exercises precise, music rocking and individually encourages everyone in the room.  It becomes evident to me in that first day that she is customizing each person’s workout, to make sure everyone in her gym is doing the exercises properly, avoiding injury and still working their a** off.


Crystal, a pro-skier, rodeo queen and fitness guru opened this gym, not because it was an easy path, but because she cares.  She wants to help people increase strength and improve athlete performance mentally and physically.  Thanks Crystal, Wright on!

For more info: jhwrighttraining.com