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It’s that time of year again- snow is melting and trails are starting to dry out around the valley. With just a little bit of dry singletrack but lots more to come, now is the time to get your bike in for a tune and beat the rush that begins when it gets really warm out. We caught up with Brendon Newton, an experienced bike mechanic at Hoback Sports.

Do I need my suspension worked on every year?

“Rebuilding your suspension on a mountain bike is important not only to extend the life of the suspension but also to keep it feeling good. There’s a small amount of lube in there and there’s rubber based seals that wear out or dry rot. Most manufacturers are going to recommend that you have your suspension serviced at a minimum of once per year. There are a number of products that we recommend service on as much as once per month, maybe a couple of times per summer to keep those items lubed, running well and really working to their maximum potential. That’s something that people tend to underestimate.”


What types of tuning packages do you offer?
“As things have started to get so much more specialized in cycling we’ve started to offer more consumer friendly tunes that address a number of problems that we tend to see, and save the customer some money in the process. This year we’re going to offer 4 tunes based on road or mountain biking themes. We’re using categories 1-3, just like they do in racing. Your Cat III in racing is sort of your lower level rank, the Cat I’s and pros are faster. So our Cat III tune is our most basic tune that covers the basics, making sure that your shifting is working, your breaking is good, making sure that the nuts and bolts are tight and the bike is safe to ride. From there we move on up and offer more services in the Cat II, Cat I and Pro Tunes. The Pro Tune is at the highest end of the spectrum and offers both rear and front suspension work, brake bleeds if necessary, a full strip-down of the bike, bearings and pivot assemblies cleaned, etc. That price of $230 includes parts as well as labor for those suspension services. It will be nice to offer more comprehensive tunes rather than just a la carte.”

What about my town bike?
“We will absolutely work on your town bikes, it’s honestly something that you might end up riding the most here in Jackson Hole. When you’re buzzing through traffic you don’t want something to come loose and crash in traffic! The Cat III tune is great for tunes like this, but we can still do everything a la carte as well if you just need a tube or cable or something like that.”

Should I come in now or wait?
“Get in here sooner rather than later. Don’t waste your summer away with broken parts. Get it rolling ahead of time!”

More info and pricing on tunes at Hoback Sports

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