Which Season Is It?

Mother nature has been keeping us guessing over the past week in Jackson Hole. We’ve seen two consecutive nights of snow at the higher elevations, with the valley floor getting a full coat of white last night as well. The contrast between fall colors at the lower elevations and a coating of white up high has us scratching our heads and also enjoying the beauty.

The count in the Rendezvous Bowl plot at 10,000 feet today was 4″ of new snow, on top of the 3″ reported yesterday.

The commute to work has been incredible. Here’s a look west towards Jackson Hole Mountain Resort while crossing the Gros Ventre River.

A view of the Grand Teton and gorgeous fall foliage. This is literally right off the highway. We don’t complain about the commute:

We were able to sneak in a ride to the top yesterday and take a look at the new snow. The upper mountain was caked in snow. This is right below Corbet’s Couloir:

Looking southeast from the top of Rendezvous Bowl, with adjacent ridgelines covered in snow.

It was waist deep for Jack the Tram!

Snow drifts surrounding Corbets Cabin

Heading back down the mountain we saw the battle amongst seasons.

Peak fall foliage remains in the valley, with snow at higher elevations. When the sun comes out this will be even more beautiful: