Welcomed to Jackson Hole | Ryan Sheets

*Editor’s Note: Ryan Sheets is a photographer that just moved to Jackson Hole.  Ryan will be regularly documenting the adventures of his first year in Jackson Hole and accompanying the story with his incredible photography.

After moving to Jackson a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the amazing people that live in this town.
Within days I had been connected with people from all over Jackson willing to help me find my way as my wife and I settle into our new town.  It took me back how far people would go to try and help…certainly a great first impression of this gorgeous ski town!
But I have to say…my real welcoming party came with some feathers.

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl in the Tetons - Jackson Hole

With filming and photography on my mind, I quickly networked with some of the local photographers – helping guide me to recent sightings of wildlife.  (Thanks Lola!)  What a treat when I came upon not one…but two great gray owls living outside Jackson.

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl coming at me - Jackson Hole

I ended up spending about 4 days with the two owls watching, waiting, and photographing them as much as I could.

It’s an amazing treat to see and something unique to the Jackson area…wildlife.  Not many cities offer you as much culture, adventure and wildlife as the Jackson Hole area.  With winter on its way and the snow falling more often, I start to get excited about exploring my new town.

Snow, whiskey and wildlife…three abundant things in Jackson Hole that I look forward to as I transition to living here!


Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl in Flight - Jackson Hole

Be sure to shoot me a message if you are coming to town looking for things to do or areas to find wildlife.

  • Jean Alley

    I love this! I have wondered about your move and how it was going so I will definately be following your blog. Can you tell me, what brought you to Jackson Hole of all the places you have been? And how is it going for you so far (other than being banned from the parks for a couple of weeks 😉 )

  • Moon River

    Enjoy your brand new adventure. Looking forward to what’s to come.

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks so much Moon!! I am very excited as well. Snow is on the way today again…can’t wait to get out there!

  • Mia Hankins McDonald

    You’re living my dream! Eventually wanting to move myself and my son there. Will be following your blog

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Hey Mia!

      Wonderful…my wife and I are going to try and get a blog a week out on here. So keep an eye out for it! :)

      I can truly tell you only after about 4 or 5 weeks of being here that it is a dream come true. Nothing could have prepared me for the people I would meet or the opportunities that would come my way.

      Be sure to keep me updated if their are things you want to hear about!

      Thanks again,


  • Kay Thompson

    Enjoy your new adventure! Looking forward to following you on your journey.

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Kay! Have a great day…and thanks for following!

  • sammantha

    It has been my dream for years to be there. Away from all the California drama. I love jackson to much. Totally jelous.

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks so much! Perhaps, in the future, you too can make the jump here!

  • Peggy Hays

    Enjoy; Photo’s are AWESOME….. Keep up the Great Work….

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Peggy…appreciate your comment! I’ll keep them coming!

  • Sharon Lowe

    Terrific photography!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Sharon!

  • Megan Lauren Scherman

    Awesome Photos! Looking forward to reading about your journey!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Megan!

  • Karen Stansel

    I just really love your style of photography. I look forward to reading all about your new life in upcoming blogs. Your images are just so beautiful. The middle one is my favorite. He looks like he is looking directly at you.

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Karen! I look forward to the adventures to come in Jackson and sharing them with everyone. :)

  • Linda Ruden

    As you know I am a big fan of yours Ryan & have numerous gorgeous photos (mostly from Yellowstone) gracing my walls. When I learned you were actually moving to the Jackson Hole area I was so thrilled that ‘the right person is in the right place’ ! I so look forward to the visual & emotional journey you’ll be able to take us on now ! In my opinion you couldn’t have picked a better place to call home ! (If I could choose & have my life to live over again, I’d want to be a ‘John Muir’ too : ) Prayers you stay safe & well !

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Linda…you are an amazing supporter and I appreciate that! I’ll keep the photo’s and videos coming! Just saw some bull moose thanks to my friend Eric this morning…and now it’s snowing in Jackson!

  • Linda Ruden

    I tried to add a pix of your autographed ‘canvas Eagle’ (my 1st one from you), but for some reason it won’t post.

  • Chad

    Congrats man looking forward to the pics and stories. Hope to get out later this winter to visit.

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks so much Chad! You must visit again…it’s snowing as I write this to you!

  • Debby Sims-Boosalis

    Your images are always such a delight to see on facebook. I look forward to learing more about Jackson Hole and of course, seeing more of your stunning work!!!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks so much Debby…appreciate that!

  • Cat Caldwell Myers

    Ryan, these are beautiful images! Is there any chance I could purchase them in a card or tri-fold layout? My grandparents are celbrating their 60th wedding anniversary at the end of the month… their romance got started in Jackson Hole and they have a thing for owls, so it seems like a natural gift: do you have any images of the pair of them with the Tetons in the background?

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Hey Cat! So sorry for the delay…
      Yes, you certainly can. They two owls were a couple miles apart…so I wasn’t able to get them together. Hopefully at some point!
      Shoot me an email if you could with what you are thinking. Ryan@SheetsStudios.com
      I am still out of town but will do my best to get something together for you.
      Thanks again,

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Looks like Jackson Hole is getting one heck of an artist!