Welcomed to Jackson Hole | Ryan Sheets

*Editor’s Note: Ryan Sheets is a photographer that just moved to Jackson Hole.  Ryan will be regularly documenting the adventures of his first year in Jackson Hole and accompanying the story with his incredible photography.

After moving to Jackson a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the amazing people that live in this town.
Within days I had been connected with people from all over Jackson willing to help me find my way as my wife and I settle into our new town.  It took me back how far people would go to try and help…certainly a great first impression of this gorgeous ski town!
But I have to say…my real welcoming party came with some feathers.

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl in the Tetons - Jackson Hole

With filming and photography on my mind, I quickly networked with some of the local photographers – helping guide me to recent sightings of wildlife.  (Thanks Lola!)  What a treat when I came upon not one…but two great gray owls living outside Jackson.

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl coming at me - Jackson Hole

I ended up spending about 4 days with the two owls watching, waiting, and photographing them as much as I could.

It’s an amazing treat to see and something unique to the Jackson area…wildlife.  Not many cities offer you as much culture, adventure and wildlife as the Jackson Hole area.  With winter on its way and the snow falling more often, I start to get excited about exploring my new town.

Snow, whiskey and wildlife…three abundant things in Jackson Hole that I look forward to as I transition to living here!


Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl in Flight - Jackson Hole

Be sure to shoot me a message if you are coming to town looking for things to do or areas to find wildlife.