Waffle Taste Test

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While the rest of you skiers are foolishly out skiing powder, these kids are spending their time more wisely, getting jacked on hot chocolate and waffles in Corbet’s Cabin at the top of Jackson Hole.  Skiing with kids is all about the reward, and these 3 kids are not only crushing it, but they are showing the rest of us how it’s done.


Meet Laik:

2.5 years old, total rascal, and descendants of a strong line of Finn’s who will eat just about anything but greatly prefer sweets.  I asked Laik a few questions to get to know him better, (he’s my son, but he’s two so you never really know what you’re going to get).


Laik’s Favorites 

Favorite Thing to do:  Play

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Waffle: Nutella

Dream Job: A Monster Truck

Favorite Ski Run: Jumps

Waffle Eating Technique: Fast



Meet Millie:

Total babe, and total snow queen.  This chick lives in Carmel, CA but could not love snow more, her official quote of the week was, “If the sun comes out will the snow melt?” (It was precisely 20 degrees below zero at that moment…  “No dear, this snow might never melt”.DSC_1421

Millie’s Favorites

Favorite thing to do:  Ski

Favorite Color: Pink and Purple Polka Dots

Favorite Waffle: Strawberry Jelly

Dream Job: Kindergarden Teacher

Favorite Ski Run: The Animal Trails

Waffle Eating Technique: With lots of conversation, “This strawberry jelly waffle is just soooo good!”

waffle tester

 Meet Oliver:

This kid is the definition of California Cool.  He exudes a calm nature, but secretly lurks with some incredible smarts behind that cunning smile.  He’s 2.5 and is every bit of man that you are.


Ollie’s Favorites

Favorite Thing to do: Fly

Favorite Color: Chocolate

Favorite Waffle: Chocolate

Dream Job: Superman

Favorite Ski Run: The driveway

Waffle Eating Technique: Careful Mustache Bites


Riding the tram is not only the coolest 10 minute ride you or your kids will ever experience, but the reward at the top is a day maker.  This experience might be just the ticket that turns winter into a joy ride!


“What’s that?! You don’t think you or your kids would like nutella waffles on top of a mountain?”

waffles at the top of the tram

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