Jackson Hole’s Chief Waffle Architect At The Top Of The Tram

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Howdy folks,

Jax n’ Lance here for a special story on Butch Swintek. In our opinion, he is the waffle master up at Corbet’s Cabin at the top of the tram here in Jackson Hole.Enjoy a waffle atop Rendezvous Mountain, the most delicious snack in the village.

Butch has been rocking his waffle skills for us for 5 winters, and 4 summer seasons. It turns out that the summer season is the busiest with around 400 waffles served per day and hours extend from 9-5:30. In the winter, there are highs of 350 waffles per day. For a fun fact, 400 waffles equate to around 4 massive tubs of batter that is shuttled up from Nick Wilson’s.

Butch knows best, as Jackson Hole's chief waffle architect.

Butch would say that his favorite part of his job is to see how much fun people are having.

The waffles we love so much have been going strong up at Corbet’s Cabin since 2009 with the top seller being a topping of brown sugar butter. His favorite to make is the 50th Anniversary waffle featuring ham, cheese and a little brown sugar. His personal favorite to eat is brown sugar butter or Nutella with whipped creme.

The 'Pull-a-Hammy', our sweet and savory waffle option.

One of his favorite customers at Corbet’s Cabin is an 80-year-old that skis every day. She carries a bag of change to buy a cup of half coffee and half cocoa. Butch has a lot of local favorites that visit often. Many order a waffle with peanut butter, Nutella, bacon, and whipped cream.

For a little history on Butch, he was a policeman in the inner city of Minneapolis for a 28 years. He retired and headed for the mountains to ski and adventure daily.

Butch loves to ski. He has been skiing since 1960 (at the ripe age of 8 years old). He finds a way just about every day in the winter go for a few turns.

Turns out Butch the waffle architect enjoys making turns too!

His top 3 favorite ski runs to date at JHMR are:

+ The Rendezvous Bowl
+ Cirque on a good powder day
+ Hobacks on an un-tracked powder day

Butch currently lives in Victor, Idaho and also enjoys skiing in Targhee too. In the summer, he can be found hiking, fishing, and visiting his 2 sons (Brian and Phillip) and 4 grandsons.

We asked Butch what one of the coolest things he has seen up at Corbet’s Cabin. One of his favorite memories is of a day that a 95 year old woman celebrated her birthday up at the cabin and coincidentally a couple was sharing a waffle celebrating their new born baby. The newborn was scheduled to arrive the same day of her 95th Birthday, yet she came out a couple days early. It was an amazing sight of the cycle of life.

We asked Butch if he has ever burnt any waffles. He claims that ever since they upgraded their set of waffle irons, for the past 3 years the waffles have come out to perfection every time.

Butch puts the finishing touches on another magical creation.

When it comes to double or multiple orders for waffles, there is one name that immediately comes to mind of Greg Hill. Greg Hill is the man who skied 2 million vertical feet in a year. He celebrated the completion of his quest at JHMR. During that final day he came back four times to use waffles as his fuel to get through the day.

With 6 different kinds of waffle, there is something for everyone at Corbet's Cabin.

For those that want a gig serving waffles or working at Corbet’s Cabin, it comes with the requirement to ski expert terrain. Expect your interview to begin with the question: how good are you at skiing? James and Butch can recall many times that the tram closes and they are skiing in the white room to get down the bowl. One time in particular it was a whiteout vertigo with snow and 80mph winds. Hard core to say the least! Butch would claim that James is his favorite to work with, yet all of the ladies that work up at Corbet’s Cabin are RAD skiers and a pleasure to be around. James is on his 6th winter at Corbet’s. He loves to ski as much as Butch and in the summer spends his time landscaping.

And ladies, Butch is single! He often hopes that riding the gondola smelling like waffles will entice a lady to want to go on a date =)

It's 'Happy Hour' all day at the top of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Writing by Jax | Photography by Lance

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