Valentine’s Day: The couple that skis together, stays together

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My advice to you: skip that cheesy dinner date with the rest of America and go skiing. Get a babysitter, get some skis, leave your phone at home, and just go. When your hands get cold, go inside sit by a warm fire and drink hot chocolate and hot toddies and remember what’s so special about love.

Here’s a few pictures of some local couples skiing that might help inspire you to do the same!


The truth is, winter is hard, I don’t even need to describe the weather most of this country has been taken over by the past few months. But, for some of us there’s a light in the winter tunnel, and most of us know that as skiing. The best part about skiing is spending the day frolicking on a mountain with your lover, wife, husband boyfriend, partner, best friend, or who ever it is that makes you happy. I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon skiing powder with my husband, and truly, for us, there’s hardly anything that makes us happier and more in love than spending a day skiing together.


Here’s a couple that skied together on one of their first dates, 34 years ago. They moved to Jackson 4 years ago to retire here and live out the rest of their good years skiing. They’ve been married 30 years, travelled thousands of miles, had 2 kids, survived 3 grand kids, 2 corporate jobs, and plenty of ski dates. These are my parents, bless their hearts, they taught me to love to ski too.


Here’s Jess McMillan and her husband Eric Seymour, you might know of them as some of the most bad ass skiers on this mountain, (and in the world!). These two know the meaning of love and happiness, and no doubt they help each other find it again and again every winter. Here’s to you two and many more winters!


Here’s a couple you might recognize if you’ve skied Jackson, ever… They’ve been skiing here since 1971, he said “I used get mad at her if we weren’t the first ones in line at 9 and skiing the last run at 4.” Her comment was that together they’re 157 years old. Still skiing together? Every day. Talk. About. Inspiring.


Anna and Eric Cole are regulars out there, when they’re not working their butts off, you’ll find them crushing the hobacks together and laughing in tram line. These two snuck away one winter and got married in a chalet in Chamonix.


Tom and Jane Hill have been coming to Jackson for the past 15 years. They were second homeowners until they moved here full time from DC. These two ski together every chance they can get, invite everyone they know to come do the same, and they get their kids on the mountain as much as possible too. Here’s to plenty of blue bird days, great snow, and chasing your kids down the mountains!


These two unassuming lovers will smoke you down Rendezvous Bowl any day of the week, and they will be smiling while they do it. You might recognize them from tramline, and crushing powder together. Buddha and Jen, you two are happy and it’s inspiring to see you out there enjoying skiing and each other every day.


These two lovebirds, are engaged to be married this winter, (at the top of the tram no less). Gretchen and Mike might be just engaged, but their love is one for the ages, no doubt. Look at those smiles, it must be a powder day, it must be love! Good luck you two, here’s to plenty more powder days and a lifetime of happiness.

The culminating effect of all of these couples is that spending time together skiing is something that you can build a lifetime around.


So, here’s to you and yours this Valentines Day. Now, get your skis on and go have the best date you’ll have all year.

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