Top 13 Reasons to Climb the Grand Teton with Exum

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Earlier this month Nina, the Public Relations Manager at Four Seasons Jackson Hole, and I had the opportunity to climb the Grand Teton with Exum Mountain Guides.  We finished the adventure with a sense of accomplishment, exhaustion and exhilaration.  Exum is an amazingly professional guide service who has been working and operating in the Tetons for over 80 years. It’s hard to put into words what a magical experience it is to reach the summit of the highest peak in the Tetons, so we decided that a top 13 list is appropriate for this peak which stands 13,770 ft tall.

Top Thirteen Reasons To Climb The Grand With Exum

  1. Because it will challenge you both mentally and physically.
  1. Because without the risk where is the reward? When you think back on anything worth having there was always that small hint of risk…Right!

  1. Because Exum sets you up for success and your guide lets you know what to expect over the course of the 7 miles, and over 5,000 vertical hike to the saddle.
  1. Because you get to repel off the side of a mountain and feel like a BAMWM ( Bad Ass Mountain Woman Momma) – while your team mate sings “Baby Got Back” and you can’t help but think maybe this harness really does make your butt look big.
  1. Because you can eat whatever you want for the next 48 hours, in fact it’s encouraged.  Like perhaps a big fat burrito or your first Snickers bar which you will enjoy in a pure blissed out state of silence.
  1. Because you will see alpine flowers you wouldn’t normally see like the Sky Pilot which only grows at 10,000 to 14,000 feet.
  1. Because by the time you get to the belly roll ( on the Owen Spalding route)  – you are so tired and ready to get to the top you don’t even realize one leg is dangling over a 1000 ft ledge.
  1. Because you finally have an excuse to act out on your truly neurotic  behaviors like tying your shoe 10 times in 5 minutes or obsessively looking for your “lost” fork which is in your pack ( not that one of us did that…)
  1. Because the outhouse on the saddle just might have the best views around.
  1. Because when you get to the summit you will tear up at the sheer beauty and at the fact that now you have to get down!
  1. Because short roping brings a whole new meaning to “Team Work”

12. Because you can! –  Before a trip up the Grand starts there is an intro to climbing where your Exum Guide will not only give you the tools you need, but also an honest assessment of your abilities because at the end of the day yes YOU get YOURSELF up the mountain but not with out the professional guidance and encouragement from your guide.

13. Because like a Master Card Commercial, this feeling is priceless!
photo 1 (2) grand

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