Top 10 Reasons Why Fall is Spectacular in Jackson Hole.

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It’s no secret that Jackson Hole is a beautiful place, but when fall sweeps her fingers through the valley, the scene becomes dramatically more lovely.  Here are my top 10 reasons why September is so spectacular.

1.  The leaves are always turning colors in September, and the sky radiates the most unbelievable turquoise blue.  fall_colors_Jackson Hole

2.  The sunsets are stunning, even on a random Tuesday night.

Lockhart Ranch Jackson Hole

3.  The temperatures are cooler than summer, which leaves those of us who love the 60’s and 70’s in perfect harmony with our favorite outdoor sports.  mountain biking in wilson wy

4.  Fishing on the Snake River is in perfect condition.  Flies are hatching throughout the day, and the big guys are feasting in preparation for winter.

fishing snake river

5.  Old Bill’s Fun Run is our communities largest fun raising event, and occurs the weekend after labor day each year.  Last year, the fun run raised $9,809,404, which brought the lifetime total up to $100 million.  The event brings out all of Jackson’s organizations from animal shelters to the Doug Coombs Foundation, promoting skiing for underprivileged youth.  The event brings out the best of the community, and kicks off a wonderful week of arts and culture in the town.  Old Bills Fun Run

6.  The hunt is on!  September is when elk archery and deer season start in Wyoming, and hunters come from all over the country to try to stalk down the famous Wapiti of Jackson Hole.  elk in woods

7.  Jackson hosts the Fall Arts Festival each September, including incredible gallery tours, the Western Design Conference, fashion shows, food events, outdoor art fair, an art auction, and so many more events.  You can find out more at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Website, here.  Below is one of local artists, Amy Ringholz’s coveted wildlife paintings.  3287d7f7d4905f2d08b8189b414fb44f

8.  Town quiets down from our hectic summer bustle, and leaves Jackson folk to enjoy their favorite restaurants on a whim once again.  Here’s my favorite spicy margarita from the Spur, at Teton Mountain Lodge in Teton Village. marg at the spur

9.  The sun sets pretty early these days (7:15pm), and the evenings are cool, ok, they’re cold.  Which is perfect for a sunset bonfire, followed by some unmatched star gazing.  sunset bonfire 2

10.  And last but not least, the excitement of winter’s approach looms at the edge of each storm, reminding us that winters snow is a few whispers away.


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