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Just like that the season is wrapping up in just 4 days. When we look back the memories once again are epic. From getting married at the top of Rendezvous Peak to many powder days, we are once again grateful for our season here. With only a couple blog posts left in the season there is one that we couldn’t live without. This very post is to give our gratitude to JH SKI PATROL. They are the legends and heroes of the mountain and we want to pay our respects. It is because of them that we slay away each day in safe conditions. Below is an intimate peek into their world where we were honored to check out their homes on the mountain and even meet a few. So here we go…



Flat out, there are a million ways you can craft out your journey in life. From the big city life to being a country boy/gal, the choices are endless. For some, their journey starts right on the ski hill and stays there for a lifetime. Their family may have a long history standing at the resort, or they may be the first to step in. I mean, one powder day here at Jackson Hole could take you from a weekend visitor to cancelling your plane ticket home and within a day entering a journey to become a ski bum. Either way, if you are looking to find a gig in life that will have an epic long tenure, and be full of adventure, look no further than the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol.


The group of folks that keep your safety at their first priority are flat out legendary. Some holding season passes longer than I have been alive. Let’s take GOLDIE (pictured on the left below) for example. He is on his 41st ski season here at JHMR and his 36th year on ski patrol. That guy has been watching your back for eons.


They are the hero’s of the mountain, in more ways than one. They are a pack that is so tight that their operation is flat out seamless every day. Their day starts out with headlamps to prep the mountain for whatever nature threw at them overnight. On the flip side, they are sweeping the mountain while you and I are deep into our apres adventures.

The Ski Patrol history packed in the rooms of JH Ski Patrol is like a museum of historical moments where various characters have placed their mark. They are a family, watching each others backs and know each other like brothers and sisters.


And we must give a huge shout out to the avy dogs that have trained to become safety experts since they were tiny pups.  _B0A6930

So without further ado, let’s meet a few. I couldn’t help but write down their long history to the patrol and their epic standings as season pass holders too! Surely folks to look up to that know this resort back and forth.


36th year on ski patrol, 41st season at JHMR



20th year on ski patrol, 30th season at JHMR



6th year on ski patrol, 10th season at JHMR



25th year on ski patrol, 46th season at JHMR



10th year on ski patrol, 23rd season at JHMR



15th year on ski patrol, 26th season at JHMR



9th year on ski patrol, 21st season at JHMR



8th year on ski patrol, 10th season at JHMR



24th year on ski patrol, 28th season at JHMR


If asked what their favorite ski runs are, you will see quickly that it just depends on the day. As Goldie would put it, “we like any run when they are good.” Tom would place it as “it changes every day, and every year.” Kevin loves cave chute… you will have to ask him about that.

So take it from us, the next time that you see them out there keeping your safety at their top priority, make sure to extend a BIG thank you their way. And on closing day, take a moment to visit them at the top of AV, GONDI or the TRAM and slide them a six pack to enjoy post season. We are so grateful for their passion and hard work out there to make our ski dreams come true!

And now, to go chase down another 100 day season here at JHMR. Lance landed 100 last week, yet I am still on the hunt. 3 days to go!

Writing by Jax, Photography by Lance.

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