The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Hike to the Top of the Tram | Sita

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1) Because it’s a balmy 45 degrees and windy at the top, whilst sweltering hot in the valley.

2) The View will make even the most unexcitable types stand in complete awe.

3) It will kick your butt into shape, and make you proud of your amazing exercising abilities.

4) It will make you wonder how in the world you could possibly ski down something that steep.

5) The tram ride down is free. The 15 minute ride down is so beautiful and so much more fun than hiking back down.

6) To see an incredible array of wildflowers. Maybe even some wildlife if you’re lucky (we saw the cutest Marmot!)

7) Sometimes being a geologist for the day is pretty amazing. Fossil or cool rock? Found on the trail.

8) To see snow banks in July that are taller that 6 feet.

9) To remind yourself that you can accomplish 4,000 foot goals in one day. Pretty darn satisfying.

10) The sweet reward of reaching the top. No… not the view. Completely unadulterated, guilt free, ridiculously delicious, Nutella filled waffles.

Here’s my quick guide on hiking to the top of tram that will help you have a wonderful day:
– It really is a great hike (more than 60% of it is on a road), but it’s a serious butt kicker if you’re not prepared.
– Start early in the morning before it gets too hot and sunny in the valley (think 9 am at the latest).
– Wear sturdy shoes, bring tons of water, and enough snacks to get your body to the top (ok, seriously, bring more than 1 bar).
– Get to the top before 4pm so you can indulge in their waffles and then ride your tired booty back down the tram for free.
– If the waffle wasn’t enough of a meal (and it never is), get yourself some delicious food and drink on the Nick Wilson’s deck, on your right as you walk off the tram.

Happy Trails!


More Jackson Hole hiking information and trail map.  Sita hiked the “Summit Trail” in this post, which is approximately 7.4 miles and gains 4,139 vertical feet.

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