The Making of Surf Jackson Hole with the GoPro Hero3

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Lunch Counter is a Class III rapid on the Snake River that has a standing wave that a surfboard and a kayak can surf from 8,000-12,000 cfs.

I had always wanted to make a video on the wave , so back in June when the water levels were ideal I called up three of our athletes for a morning session on the Snake. Bryan Iguchi, Cam FitzPatrick, and Griffin Post joined me with their boards and I carried my kayak and an arsenal of GoPro Hero3s and different mounts.

I set the three cameras on 1080p @ 60fps. I love the quality of the footage at 1080p and the incredible slow motion at 60fps makes this my go to setting for the cameras.

Now it was time to get creative. I didn’t want a boring POV film that makes you nauseous. I wanted a variety of angles that would give the viewer the feeling of what it was like to surf the wave and swim the rapid below.

Below are photos or screen grabs of the different mounts in action.

One of my favorite shots in the video. The GoPro was mounted on a 20 foot long pole with the handle bar mount.  Adjusting the frame rate in CineForm to 23.976fps gives the smooth slow motion of the water droplets. Remember you can always speed the footage back up without losing quality but you can’t go the other way without quality loss.


I love this collapsible 20 foot pole for unique angles and getting close to your subject. Mike shows off the big boy.


For stationary and boom shots I often use a monopod. I use the top plastic piece from the GoPro box, cut off the sides and drill a hole a little smaller than the monopod screw. Thread the plastic piece and I have a monopod and tripod mount.


The pan with the monopod is very smooth.


For the footage of Cam FitzPatrick surfing and swimming the rapid we used the GoPro surfboard mount to get the desired angle.


Guch used a helmet front mount to capture his board and body ripping the wave.


One of the coolest shots from the video was Guch throwing a 360 which Cam captured with the chest mount while surfing the wave at the same time.


It was a super fun day with the boys and these little cameras continue to impress with their image quality and the ability to capture creative angles.






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