The Handle Bar: Slope Side Dining at its Best

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Earlier this summer a few of us gathered on the slope side deck of The Handle Bar to experience the restaurant’s new summer menu.  When we arrived to the Four Seasons Resort & Residence Jackson Hole we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the man himself, Michael Mina. Chef Mina was in town refining the summer menu, and took the time to cook and mingle with a few of us locals.  What ensued was an unforgettably lovely meal that was casual yet refined and beautifully balanced. 

Handle Bar Slope side patio

 Michael Mina
Chef Michael Mina has a great laugh, big smile and such a friendly disposition that when you talk to him, you forget that he is one of the biggest names in the culinary world.  Once you taste his food, however, that reality sinks back in.  His menu at The Handle Bar, perfected with Executive Chef Jeffrey Hileman, is delicious, comforting and bright.  We started that day with oysters, lightly grilled in their shell and topped with house made BBQ sauce. 

handlebar osyters
From there Chef Mina served a shrimp and shellfish bowl, with clams, mussels, and andouille sausage, in a broth that had amazing richness without being heavy. 


More courses followed, including grilled salmon, pork spare ribs, summer tomato salad and charred corn with lime butter and cilantro.  And to finish it all off a perfectly portioned yuzu cheesecake parfait to die for! 

handlebar desert
The Handle Bar really has it going on.  The restaurant is the perfect location in Teton Village for a relaxing meal or just a snack (I highly recommend the Frickles) and a few drinks to unwind after a day of activities.  Stop by, I promise it will be worth your while, and you might just get to meet the man himself, or at least taste his genius.

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