Teton Village Welcoming Committee

The horses in front of JHMR are nicknamed the “Teton Village welcoming committee.” Driving into Teton Village it is hard not to notice the massive, friendly horses, often lined up at the fence with people petting their soft noses and feeding them the occasional carrot or apple.


The six horses are all Percherons which is a breed of draft horse. Everyone knows the Budweiser Clydesdales and Percherons are another breed of draft horse. The Percherons are very large, well-muscled, and known for their intelligence and willingness to work. They are proud, mellow, and have a very pleasing disposition.


The horses’ names, sex, age and sizes are:

Zoro – Gelding, 21 years old, and 18.2 hands

Blackjack – Gelding, 19 years old, and 18.2 hands

Ken – Gelding, 9 years old, and 19 hands

Pete – Gelding, 10 years old, and 19 hands

Molly – Mare, 8 years old, and 16.2 hands

Polly – Mare, 9 years old, and 17.5 hands

Molly is the smallest at 1,900 pounds and Pete and Ken are the largest weighing around 2400 pounds. Their total combined weight is 14,000 pounds. At 19 hands Pete and Ken stand at 6’3” tall at the shoulders/ withers.


The average weight of a horse in the United States is between 900-1000 pounds and stands at 15 hands. Look how big the Percheron is in comparison.


The horses pull the wagon for the Jackson Hole Chuckwagon Cookout.


How cute is this?

Would you kiss this face?

Come by and visit Teton Village and the “welcoming committee” standing as sentinels to the mountain. Their fee for entry is an apple, carrot, or a gentle pat on the nose.