Teton Thai | Dining in Teton Village

Just a short walk from the Village center there is a small Thai restaurant nestled between the Ranch Parking lot, bike path and some aspen trees. Teton Thai has been in this off beat location for four years now, and has a cult following. Once you dine there or grab take out, you will understand why locals, celebrities and visitors alike flock to this place. Between the amazing food, laid back and cool atmosphere, and great staff you will find yourself wanting to enjoy the views from the deck, soak in a Thai tea and scarf some noodles.

thai cocktails

But its so much more than just noodles. The restaurant is run by husband and wife team Sam and Suchada. Sam wines and dines and turns tables in the front of the house while Suchada works her magic in the small kitchen. They work hard all year long to bring in the freshest thai spices and high quality ingredients, and the results are amazing. Every item on the menu is authentic, delicious and as spicy as you can handle. The restaurant has a spice level system from 1 -5, and 5 is atomic hot.

teton thai

Here are a few of the best:

Start with the Fried Wontons, which are light, warm and full of a delicious chicken, shrimp, pork blend.


A classic: Pad Thai, it’s perfection, any way you order it, and at lunch it comes with an egg roll.

teton thai pad thai

BBQ Pork with Sticky Rice: deep, bold flavors of the pork and dipping sauce are complimented perfectly with the texture and sweetness of the sticky rice.


Panang: This beautiful dish of coconut curry and salmon is delicate, complex and addictive.

teton thai panang

Finish off a meal with the Coconut Sticky Rice and mango – a light and lovely ending to lunch or dinner.

teton thai coconut sticky rice with mango