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Jax N Lance here to show a very special sneak peak at the ultimate regulars on the mountain here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. But before we dive deep into that category can we take a moment to talk about what an epic season just wrapped up for JHMR? Here are a few stats we learned and beyond.

TOTAL SEASON SNOWFALL: 500 inches! 4th greatest snowfall in resort history

TOTAL GUEST COUNT: Approx 550k compared to an approx 500k the yerar before

TOTAL 2014 100 Club members: 138!!

So lets break this down a little bit:

TOTAL SNOWFALL: Are you kidding me! So awesome. Take a peak at the graph below showcasing snowfall compared to last season:

snow by season

From a skiing perspective, it was so epic that the great skiers really got after it. Take Owen Leeper for example, charging off of this mighty cliff. Stoke to a whole new level if you ask me.


TOTAL GUEST COUNT: Approx 550,000! Simply radical. The secret must be out as JHMR scored #1 Overall Resort by Ski Magazine. Match that with 500 inches and it is bound to grow.

100 CLUB MEMBERS: These are 138 skiers/boarders that have shredded 100 or more days at JHMR during the 2013-2014 season. Many legends sit among this bunch and I can only imagine the stories we could all tell. With a season that is only 130 days long, the challenge is even harder. The 100 club is a huge honor. The celebration for achieving this mighty task starts with a delicious breakfast at the Couloir Restaurant the day before the resort closes. Then a special 3 hour private ski with employees follows on the Monday after. In the end the roster landed here:

Hundred club Full page ad.weekly-2

5 folks landed some time at the resort every single day. Now at first glance this may seem pretty darn easy, yet take it from us, it is a mighty feat. Staying injury fee is just one segment of the challenge.

Last year, Lance and I decided to give it a shot to make the 100 club. Lance was on his 5th winter at JHMR and I was on my first full one. For me, I had just left my corporate career at Native Eyewear and had decided to launch my own marketing agency. It was a fine juggle between work and play to land 100 days, yet I was so inspired by others that had done it that I was motivated to give it a shot. And I really wanted to ski on the extra day. I decided to write about every experience to allow fans to follow the journey. Click here to see that daily feed.


Some immediately assume we must be unemployed, when in fact it is a fine dance between work and play. For me, this winter I have been working on my marketing business and launching a new coffee roaster called Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse which you can read about here. This totaled about 10-18 hours of work every day and skiing in-between. Check out our story here that defines this mighty dance. This also meant that I needed to oversee construction back home in Hood River. So in the end, I made 100 days with one to spare at 102 on closing day (106 season total). I skied every single day I was in the town of Jackson. Lance juggled his photography career and skiing to nail down 112 days at JHMR (118 season total). Enough about us though. Lets get to the motivated folks that joined with us on this celebration.

First off the 2nd reason to ski 100 days is to be a part of the 100 club breakfast at The Couloir Restaurant and eat delicious food, including magnificent bacon.


The third reason is getting to hang out with the legends at breakfast. Here are just a few we met:

Here is Liberty McDonald with her Family. At age 12 she scored a spot in the 100 club. If that is not impressive enough, we will have you know that she has been scoring that slot since she landed the record of youngest member of the 100 club in 2009 at SEVEN YEARS OLD!!


Jumping from the youngest to the oldest we introduce to you Peter Lang, Skiing 113 days at 83 years old with his one and only and wife Marlene scoring 113 days too. They have been members of the 100 club ever since it was possible to become one and pass holders since 1971. I hope we can say the same for us when we are in our eighties.


Then we have other members like us that found a way to work and ski daily to make their dreams come true. Our buddy below on the left came from Pennsylvania and repositioned his office slope-side for 6 months to score 100 days while working split shifts daily around skiing.


And from there we have many familiar faces that have been a part of this club for eons, such as Chad Taylor, Shuby, John Recchio, and on and on:

_B0A7102 _B0A7094 _B0A7092

The spread for breakfast is stellar and fueled us up for a fun day of turns. And the view from the Couloir restaurant is always one to treasure.



And I was honored to meet Connie Kemmerer, one of the owners of JHMR that makes this whole dream possible.


After breakfast all 138 of us couldn’t help but rush out the door to celebrate the best way we know how, skiing our hearts out. Lance and I enjoyed a fancy margarita at the Tin Cantina, a trip through the terrain park, celebrations with friends, and many fun runs all over the resort. Here is a few shots of the celebration ski day:_B0A7134_B0A7137_B0A7145

_B0A7158 _B0A7150 _B0A7160

Just like anything, motivation can be tough sometimes, yet a 500 inch season at the best resort makes it a lot easier to achieve. To sum up our 2nd year in the 100 club and taking a look back at the season, Connie says it best:

“We thank our employees, season passholders and guests for a fabulous season-best ever.” – Connie Kemmerer

Cheers to another EPIC season.

Jax and Lance


Writing by Jax Mariash Koudele, Photos by Lance Koudele

For our daily feeds check us out here:

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