Skiing Off Into Marital Bliss – Jax n’ Lance get hitched at “The Top Of The World”

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Howdy folks,

Jax n’ Lance here to share a really special post with you. This post is special for two reasons. One, because it is a sneak peak at our wedding day that took place at the Top Of the World (Rendezvous Peak) on the Spring Equinox (March 20th) last week. Two, because Lance is on the other side of the camera  and in the photos too =)

To back up just a little, Lance proposed on his Birthday last November at Mt. Hood in our other home in Oregon. It was such a special memory that we will treasure forever. The shock of him popping the Q looked like this:


The June prior we had climbed our first Ascent of Mt. Hood and skied down so the mountain held a special place in our hearts. What better way to get engaged than in snow doing what you love with the love of your life!

IMG_0648When determining your big wedding day, as any bride and groom know the choices are endless of where, when, what to wear, how many people, traditional, un-traditional, religious etc etc etc. The options are down right infinite. So for us, we went straight to our core and stuck to snow, and just about everything was full of soul and very intimate. Ski boots for high heels, a white North Face ski get up for a “Wedding Dress,” and black Trew Gear bibs and Jacket for a tux and on and on.

In the end, we chose that the best place to have our wedding ceremony was in the very place that we have collected a couple hundred memories. As in any athletic endeavor, skiing brings you very close. There are great days, epic days, scary days and bad days. Every one of them brings your bond together like superglue. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and being high up on a mountain are two things that were essential. The last was to have our parents, brothers and sisters there to witness the I DO’S. So join us for a sneak peak of our wedding ceremony captured by Julie Weinberger Photography….


The day started with an intimate dog walk with Loki, followed by an epic sunrise. And low and behold this turned out to be Lance’s 100th ski day of the season. What better way to celebrate than to become husband and wife right?!?!

Nerves before the tram ride up? nah just A LOT of laughter between us…


Family traveled from coast to coast to be here for the big day and brace the elements that nature threw out. As a local, the tram ride alone becomes quite natural. Yet, for a guest, you are reminded that it is quite an epic ride. It is additionally fun to point out all of your special memories as you ride up.



The setting was partly cloudy, epic scenery (of course) and the wind was going strong and a very close and intimate huddle took place to shield us as we said our I do’s.


Soul binding and vows were bound with a Voile Ski Strap. Rings carried by our mom’s on Caribbeaners and warmed / blessed in a tight group.


Your officient, in my case my sister, best friend and lady soul mate swapped a dress for a sparkly hat and goggles. And just to be sure, the ceremony is laminated and on a ring to handle any element thrown out.


A wedding cake is swapped for a delicious waffle at Corbet’s Cabin full of whipped cream.


Champaign is popped outdoors just in case the cork desides to fly high and mighty with the high altitude. And, might as well take a quick sip to have a pre-celebration moment with your new hubby.


A little wedding sparkle is thrown here and there.


And a dance party swapped for a ski day visiting our special spots all over the mountain. IMG_3474

2014-03-20 10.08.27

A fun intermission at the Couloir restaurant with our family and the ski party continued. So grab the one you love, and never let go. Cherish every moment with them and appreciate them every day.

2014-03-20 10.44.58

Cheers and a huge thanks to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for holding the best day of our lives together. A huge thanks to Julie for capturing all of the moments and to our immediate family for traveling nationwide to witness our I Do’s and celebrate with us.



Writing by Jax Mariash, Photos captured by Julie W Photo, Photo Editing by Lance Koudele Photography

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