Ski Gear | Fashion 101 for the Ladies

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If you missed the skier fashion show at the Warren Miller Premier last weekend, fear not, here’s a list of what’s cool, and why you’ve got to have it for this year. It’s nearly winter time, and the shops are filling up with some awesome new ski gear in anticipation for the season ahead. Not shockingly, bright colors are in, think hot pink and bright blues; navy and new school neutrals are looking sharp too. Jess McMillan sat down with me and gave me some great tips on what’s cool this year, and what everyone should be wearing or thinking about.  So without further ado, here’s my take on what gear might get on my Christmas list, or get me through the next month of waiting for the skiing to commence!


1) Knit beanies are always in, depending on your jacket color, go with something wild, or a classic solid color. This one is made by Spyder.

2) Arc’teryx Sentinel Jacket in Teal and olive.  Arc’ Teryx is always spot on with performance and color, this jacket is no exception.

3) Arc’teryx Nevus softshell ski pants have the perfect amount of stretch, and protection from the elements. They’ve got a great fitting butt, perfectly placed pockets, and just the right amount of flashy color.

4) Scott’s new helmet, Symbol, has some new technology to keep your noggin even safer.  Jess McMillan touted it as the must have new helmet, that is trusted by athletes and looks good on everyone.

5) Scott goggles are hands down my favorite.  The LGC goggle has great wind protection, with a seriously quick lens change option, and some awesome color options to boot.

6) Smith IOS goggles in a hot flashy 80’s pink. Yowwza!!!

7) ASTIS mittens are a must for all of the gals on the mountain these days. They are warm, (seriously… SO warm) stylish, waterproof for years, great snot wiping potential, and they have beautiful details like beading, fur, and fringe baby!

8) Bogner Fire and Ice makes a killer wool beanie with the perfectly huge pom pom on top, something to make you feel like a queen in the bar after a great day on the slopes.

9) The North Face won’t stop making great gear, and the Sickline jacket is one of their latest and greatest. Their gear is fitted to the female form with perfection, and the details make the jacket something you will love for seasons to come. Their colors are so hip, and will help any girl express her awesome ski fashion sense.

10) Bibs are in this year, and if you’re lucky enough to be getting deep powder turns, these should keep the snow out, and the warmth in all day long.

11) Women’s ski boots are a tough call, every girl has different feet, but these brand of boots work for every girl that I know. Be sure to buy your boots in a store, not online, and get them fitted by a pro. You need a pros touch to a painless and perfect fit.

12) The Women’s Rossignol Savory 7 sold out last year, and certainly will do the same this year. Let me do you a favor, if you’re buying one pair of skis this year, buy these.

13) Everybody who skis in the backcountry should have not only an avalanche course under their belt, but some tools too.  This probe from K2 Aluminum Probe is lightweight and will lock up and get the job done in a hurry.

14) In the words of Jess McMillan, if you ski in the backcountry you should have an airbag deploying backpack.  She likened the backpack to wearing a seat belt, and I totally agree.  Scott took their time designing and making this pack, and it shows.  This pack is loaded with great features, and the Airfree Alpride is worth checking out if you’re in the market for for airbag pack.

15) Finally a shovel, doesn’t really matter what brand you’ve got, as long as it has a metal blade.

These items and more can be found at your favorite ski shops in Jackson Hole, JH Sports, Hoback Sports, Teton Village Sports.  Happy Shopping, and Happy Skiing!!


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