Ski Gear and Gift Ideas for the Kiddos

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Here’s a little gift and gear guide for the skier kids. Make sure to read the descriptions for insider tips on how to keep you and your kids happy and warm while hitting the slopes this winter!c1000x1000-7

1.  The Northface Triclimate jacket is a solid starting place for any kid. Their sizes start at 5, and steadily make it through the early teen years.  Even better, the color options are approved by even the most sructinizing of girls.

2.  The North Face Freedom Insulated Pants can be found in the boys section, but I think the pink/orange color combination is pretty perfect for little girls.

3.  Moon boots are seriously cool, and have been slowly making their way into the American shops for the past 5 years. Their boots are not only swoon worthy cute, but the kids love them too.

4.  Goggles are tough for kids.  These are slightly more of an investment, but if your kids are committed to skiing, it’s worth it!

5.  A buff! Man, I will never forget wearing the neoprene face mask with the holes in it as a kid thinking that was the most disgusting thing ever. Thankfully, the buff has literally changed the way that kids will keep their faces warm forever.

6.  These Hestra mittens are must-haves for the little ones. They’ve got long cuffs for after jacket installation, zippers for proper thumb placement, and Velcro to keep them in place.

7.  These Full Tilt kids boots are so cool. They’re adjustable by size, so they can actually grow/last more than one season with a kid. Hoback Sports is the only place in Jackson to buy kids hard goods, and I recommend going early because their stash sells out.

8.  POCito makes a great helmet, super warm, protective, and most of all, bright as can be. That way, you can find your kids skiing on a busy day!

9.  A cute hat is a must for the Jackson kids. Spyder hats are well knit, soft yarn, and the colors are awesome!

10.  A good pair of ski socks is liquid gold when teaching kids how to ski. Check out this previous post if you need more info on how to get a great fitting ski for your kids.

11.  These K2 Juniors are a great starting place for kids skis, and they will balance really well between the more timid kids, and the ones who are more fearless.

12.  This Jackson Hole Tram Toy is amazing! My little guy has one, and we set it up every winter, (all winter) for endless stories, tall tales, and dreams about what’s going on at the top of the mountain. This toy is a winner.

13.  Stocking stuffer anyone? If your kids are in ski school, or even out skiing with you, nothing beats a few more runs with warm hands!

14.  Candy is the best motivation for little skiers. All of the moms that I know use this method!

15.  Go Pro Hero 4 for the gadget minded kid who needs an excuse to play outside! The Go Pro Hero 4 is an awesome camera with an LCD screen that will turn family ski trip into some awesome footage to be enjoyed for years to come!

16.  A good sled is like a limousine that will drive you and your kids right to the base of the gondola. These suckers will transport your kids and all of their gear so you don’t have to!!

Fun skiing with your kids starts with great warm gear (that will last).  Some brands are better than others, so check out Jackson’s stores, which are loaded with great gear for kids ages 5 and up.  Happy Shopping!!

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