Ski Fitness with Jess McMillan

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Jess McMillan needs little introduction. She is the most winning freeskier (big mountain competitions) of all time, male or female. Jess now spends her winters filming with Warren Miller and skiing in Jackson Hole.

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Words: Jess McMillan

I will be first to admit that I loathe going to the gym.  Growing up in Jackson Hole, the Snake River, Grand Tetons, and an abundance of wide open spaces was the perfect gym for me.  I still prefer to climb a mountain as opposed to doing step-ups in a gym.  As an athlete, I think it is important to stay as fit as possible year round.  It is easy to stay active in the summer and winter, but as the weather turns and the temperature drops, I too drag myself into the gym.

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I have a different approach to ski fitness.  As a Pilates instructor, my main focus is core, functional movement and mobility.  But you won’t see me using Olympic lifting to achieve my goals.  I use reformers, cadillacs, and stability balls.
Jess McMillan Pilates

My workouts target hamstrings, core, and triceps. I do Pilates 5 days a week. Three days a week I try to get outside: running, mountain biking, or hiking. If the weather is too miserable to be outside, I do my favorite on the road workout: Spartacus. I absolutely love Spartacus. It hits every major muscle of the body and will get you super fit in no time.
Jess McMillan ski fitness
Sparticus – with a few tweaks for skiing.

Perform each exercise for 1 minute with a 10 seconds break between exercises. Do it three times with 2 minutes between each cycle. Push hard and see how many reps you get in one minute.

1. Goblet Squat
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Single Arm Dumb Bell Swing
4. T-Push Up
5. Split Jump
6. Plank to Push Up
7. Side Lunge and Touch
8. Forward Lunge with Rotation
9. Single Leg Dead Lift
10. Push Press
Jess McMillan fitness

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