Sita’s Gift Guide for Women in Jackson Hole

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This guide is for that amazing woman in your life. You may think she has it all…. But I can think of a few things every gal needs.


1. Let’s just be honest here, all we really want is a day to ourselves, preferably with amazing spa treatments involved. There’s no better feeling than a hot tub after a day skiing and a good massage. There are quite a few spas in Teton Village, my personal favorite is the Four Seasons… when in Rome do as the Romans do!
2. This Moncler Jacket is for sale in Rodeo, an upscale women’s boutique inside the Terra Hotel. This jacket among a few other beauties on the shelf there will satisfy even the most refined (ahem, discerning) of women.
3. These earrings among many other beautiful choices are also for sale at Rodeo. Can’t. Go. Wrong. With. Jewelry. Ok?
4. Astis is a brand new company out of Colorado, and their mittens are amazing. These babies will keep the coldest of hands harm, and stylish. They come highly recommended by me!
5. A woman of the north can never have too many hats. This little number is for sale in Teton Village Sports and is made by Bogner, the real fur pom at the top is sure to delight!
6. This skirt by Lole is the latest trend of skiing and winter gear. The concept is a down skirt to wear over your leggings, style, warmth, and a little bit of extra fabric to cover the booty never hurts. These are flying off the shelves.
7. Finally, the skis, your lady doesn’t even know that she needs, but she does. This is last years model of the Rossignol S7 because this years model is white and doesn’t look very good in my collage. No matter… the S7 will change the way your woman skis, on powder, on crud, heck, on ANY conditions. Let me put it this way, my Mom loves these skis. They are EASY and FUN and if your gal hasn’t spoken those words about skiing in a while, I’d go out on a limb here and say BUY. You’re welcome.

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