Sita’s Gift Guide for Kids

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Hey Folks, I would like to introduce myself as a new blogger on the block.  I’ve been living in Jackson for 8 years, originally from Michigan, schooled at Colorado College (go tigers!), and I’ve finally landed myself a nice little family and life here in Jackson Hole.  I’ve got a handsome husband that I met here, and a rambunctious little boy in tow.  Look for my posts each week about dining out, what to do here with young children, skiing, shopping, spa-ing, and overall adventuring in style.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’d like to start off with a little gift guide. Don’t forget to save some Christmas shopping for Teton Village, the stores here are chocked full of great sales people, merchandise, and stuff that is sure to make your ski trip (and life) more fun!  These are all gifts that are available in Teton Village, I’ve seen them with my own eyes, and any or all of them would be excellent choices in our house. Happy Gifting!


Here’s a gift guide for the kiddos.

1.    That’s right, moon boots.  They sell these babies at Teton Village Sports and Pepi’s.  First of all they are incredibly warm and light weight, those little ones wont even know they have snow boots on they feel so good.  And, stylish to boot!

2.    What kid (or adult) wouldn’t love a collectable camper truck in turquoise?  This baby is for sale at MADE, inside of Terra Hotel.

3.    What’s that? A gadget that gets kids your kids outside you say?  Yep, it’s true, the GoPro Hero3 will get your tech addicted kids outside, making adventurous movies all day long. Your welcome.

4.    Pig. Candy.  It’s not your average kind of candy, but it’s loved by all.  Bacon with brown sugar coating that satisfies even the pickiest of eaters.  Keeps well for months unrefrigerated.  (i.e. good pocket snack for tram line).

5.    Can’t go wrong with some hand warmers in the stocking this year.  Winter is shaping up to be cold and snowy, these little warmers will help your kids stay out longer and be happier.

6.    This little gem is for the stuffed animal lover in your life.  No two are the same, and this little dachshund has a lot of personality.  Also found at MADE in the Terra Hotel.

7.    Finally, this POCito helmet will keep your kids head warm, safe, stylish, and easy to spot, (don’t tell them that!)

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