Sita | Why You Need to Take Your Kids to the Ropes Course

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It’s no secret that kids and especially teenagers thrive off of adrenaline and risk. Here’s a way to challenge your kids in a way that’s not dangerous, but is challenging their brains and their bodies at the same time. If your kids have had enough of the same old thing, take them to Teton Village for one last punch of summer.

I took my favorite 8 and 12 year old gals for a morning date at the village, and we did it up. We screamed our way through the bungee jumping, (yeah, I did it too!) and then made our way up the brand new ropes course!


First thing at the ropes course is to get set up into your harness and safety gear. This stuff is heavy duty! There’s a special course you have to take before you enter the course where they tell you how to make sure you’re always clipped into something, and how to move through the course.

In general, the lower the height, the easier the course is. As you move through the course, only 3 people are allowed on the smaller platforms at a time, and only one person per route. The lower level was plenty high for us! I am not usually too scared of heights, but this course had me gripped!

As you’re waiting on the platforms for your friends to finish their route, you can urge them on and take in the awesome views surrounding the course. In any direction, the view is not too bad. Not to mention watching the rest of the kids cruise the course like it’s no problem. We found most of the boys checking out the upper levels with no fear!

What was cool about doing it with the three of us was the team effect. The challenge brings on the camaraderie and support that can at times be rare between siblings! If your kids are fighting and they need a little something to support each other on, take them up the ropes course and set them free. That top level might turn competition into cooperation!

Whether it’s your kids, your friends or family, this course is a gem for those middle aged kids who aren’t into another day of driving or hiking. This is something that they will love and pride themselves off of for days!

Once you’ve all worked up an appetite, and trust me you will, head over to the Tin Can Cantina for some delicious gourmet tacos and quesadillas! Their guacamole does not disappoint! One might also feel the need to indulge in a margarita as well, depending on how much time you spent gripped on the top level stepping from log to log.

The Ropes Course is open Friday-Sunday from 10am-5pm for the rest of September. Click here for more information.

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