Sita | The Solitude of Winter

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Once you’ve had enough of this:

And this:

Try this:

There is a special quiet peace in winter that all people who know it well long for. The mountains offer a special quietude in winter, and there’s no doubt that those who travel to the Tetons and Jackson Hole know and love this occasional moment of calm we find in the outdoors.


When we find ourselves outside in the stillest of air, it’s cold, and feels slightly bitter on the face. That something, what it is? It’s silence…. Precious winter silence. The sound of snow falling, the diamond glints on snow, the quiet sound of winter.

At some point during your trip out here, I highly recommend you and your family, or maybe just you… do this little jaunt I had the pleasure of doing this week.


Go rent some cross country skis (can be found at Skinny Skis, Jackson Hole Sports, and Teton Pines). And go find yourself in some quiet winter woods. My mom and I skied with kiddo in tow to Jenny Lake. You don’t need to be a pro to handle these flats, really you just need a car to get there.

This trail is accessed from the Bradley Taggart trailhead in Grand Teton National Park. You have to pay a fee to get into the park, and the visitors center is closed for the winter, so plan accordingly. The trail is groomed weekly and offers a flat road to ski, snowshoe or walk on. This particular spot offers some amazing views, a few great spots to stop for a winter picnic, and some serious solitude.

I recommend bringing some water, a snack, and a lot of baggage that you want to forget about.

When you finish your ski, clear your head, and feel ready to face the world again, do yourself a favor and reap the reward you’ve certainly earned. Take a stop at Dornans on the way home and have a glorious glass of wine. Their wine shop is one of the best in the valley, and their wines by the glass will delight even the pickiest of chardonnay drinkers. The view will help you soak in the moment and enjoy your well earned prize.

Until then, keep the peace of winter in your heart, and we’ll see you in Jackson Hole!

If you are interested in renting a similar stroller along with the ski attachment, check out this site: They also have every other kind of kid and baby gear you might need.

More info on Nordic Skiing in Jackson Hole.

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